Phonak WatchPilot2 working with Naida SPICE?

Can anyone tell me if the Phonak WatchPilot2 works with the Naida SPICE?

At the moment, I use the mypilot but I am off travelling soon and I planned to leave it at home so I did not loose it. After some research, I have come across the WatchPilot2 and this would work well as I would wear it so less likely to loose it.

I have found another thread that says it only allows 3 programs which does not included the mute program (this wont work). Is this for the actual WatchPilot or does it depend on what aids are connected to it.

NHS wont connect remote controls so would have to make an appointment with private aud which connected my mypilot for me so would like to make sure it would work before I make an appointment.