Phonak Warranty

I have been to five different hearing professional looking at the Phonak Adeao iv (9). Not shopping price as much as I’m looking for someone that seems to know what they are doing. I have seen everything from botched demos to a very few that do know there product. I have worn hearing aids for 32 of my 62 years. One of the big differences I’m finding is some of the places say the Adeao has a 2 year factory warranty and some insist it is 3 years. Does anyone know which is correct and where I might find it in writing.


All Phonaks in AU execpt very basic models (Una OMNI - 2 Years) carry std 3 Year warranty (expandable to 5 Years) in AU. I am not sure what it would be in the US though.

In US, the standard warranty for the Audeo YES is 2 years repair, loss/damage. Only one loss/damage incident is allowed in the 2 years, but there is no limit to the number or extent of repairs. Typically, not many repairs will be needed. The longer warranty is a function of someone paying $150 ea +/- for the extra year. i.e. an audiologist may offer 3 years warranty, because they want to provide the extra year to differentiate themselves from the provider offering only the 2 years.

You will find this in writing if you call Phonak at 800-733-3333, option 4, and ask them to send it to you.

In the UK we have 2 years repair/replacement of faulty aids - but NOT replacement due to loss/damage - as standard with the deal.