Phonak vs. Unitron vs. Widex - help!

Hello everyone, I’ve been here a couple of years ago asking probably similar questions but the technology is always changing and so I need your expertise. I saw an audiologist yesterday and we determined that my hearing has gotten just slightly worse than last year when I was last tested and so I’m trying to decide on which Hearing Aids to purchase (well, trial first). I am looking at the Widex Clear 440, the Phonak Audeo V or the Unitron (I had never heard of Unitron but the audiologist said they were good too). I have tinnitus in one ear (after being at a VERY loud concert) and so part of my goal is to help with that as well, although it’s not the main goal.

I have trouble with high sounds, as well as “s” and “th”. Noisy rooms, conference rooms, speakerphones, parties, group meetings all present problems for me, as I can’t distinguish sounds, and I’m constantly even asking people to repeat themselves on the phone as well (cell or landline, makes no difference).

About a year or so ago, I tried the Widex Dream 330s and although I saw an improvement, I wasn’t sure they were the right ones for me, so after a trial period I returned them and decided to wait for a while. I am also interested in a solution that will help with phone calls - bluetooth capability, without the terrible feedback noise I had when using the Widex.

So I’m looking at the Widex Dream 440s or the Phonak Audeo V or the Unitron (can’t remember the name). Can anyone comment on the quality of these, and whether a lot of the “bells and whistles” (pun intended) of say the Widex (Zen, etc.) are helpful/necessary? I’m leaning towards the Phonaks. Does anyone here have experience with their bluetooth EasyCall II and Conversation Set?

I would be grateful for any advice you can offer. I’m almost 58 y/o and although my hearing loss is mild to moderate, with time it probably won’t get better. Thanks in advance!

hard to tell anything without an audiogram. please post it.

unitron is part of the same company that owns phonak and their aids share the same chipset. But the 2 companies, I do not believe, support all of the same features in their aids.