Phonak vs Starkey

I recently was prescribed hearing aids to correct my fairly severe loss (65/70% both ears, mostly high freq). I have been wearing Starkey Destiny 1200 BTEs and really want to try some Phonak Exelia Art IX or Yes IX. Can I expect any worthwhile improvement over the the Starkeys? They are on the tinny, harsh side at higher volume. I have gathered that the Phonak has a much warmer tone and a little more realistic. I don’t have a copy of my audi test at hand but will supply it when I can.
What does any/everybody think about my choices?
Thanks in advance,


Audiogram results

0250hz L 30 - 30
0500hz L 50 - 35
0750hz L 75 - 50
1000hz L 75 - 65
2000hz L 85 - 75
3000hz L 80 - 80
4000hz L 75 - 70
8000hz n/a

starkey has newer instrument than the 1200…
perhaps you could be better off with this

Your description of sound quality is not something that will change significantly between two hearing aids that are programmed identically. Just like a graphic equalizer on a home stereo you can adjust hearing aids to provide more/less bass or treble. Depending on your hearing loss there should be some basic expectation your hearing aids will sound tinny as this is probably where the majority of your hearing loss lies.

I suggest following up with the professional providing your hearing services to address your complaints.

Do I understand this statement correctly? Two HAs, programmed identically, will have virtually the same sound quality? In other words, if one were to do a blind comparison, they would barely be able to tell the difference? :eek:

That is a strange statement to make. Just as with a graphic equalizer on a home theater system, the sound will vary greatly going from the single equalizer/receiver to one speaker system and to a different speaker system with the speakers sharing the same specifications even. Different hearing aids have different components and different specifications … even more so than the analogy to a home stereo allows for. Both the Siemens Pures and the Phonak IX’s that I trialed were programmed to my hearing loss by the same audi. She said that she initially programmed both of them exactly to match the loss. The difference in sound quality was quite amazing despite the identical programming. Sorry, but your theory is totally invalid and incorrect.

After my experience the other day with my trying out three different HA’s, supposedly programmed as close as possible to my audiogram. One was sharp, clear and attenuated the noise well; the other two were muffled even though they cost more. However, I am told I like sharp and crisp rather than softer sounds.

I’ve tried Resound Live and Starkey S Series 9.

The Starkey seems to have a much more natural sound than the Resound. The Starkey is almost like listening to my favorite headphones without hearing aids, but with the midrange turned up. The Resound seems slightly more artificial. I’m not sure how to describe the Resound sound… It’s OK, but not as clear and accurate as the Starkey.

I still prefer the feature set of the Resound Live, though.

This is simply not true. Different hearing aids have different sound qualities, even if programmed “identically”.

It is unlikely that when comparing different aids that the in-situ frequency response is matched making the comparison inequitable. However, other features such as compression ratios, compression time constants, compression kneepoints, and other adaptive features will play a role.