Phonak vs. Siemens for second set of aids

Dear Forum,

I’ve had Siemens Pure 701 RIC for about 2.5 years and I am happy with them, except when one breaks (e.g. had to have a receiver change after about 2 yrs and when one aid was ‘in the shop’ for this while the part was ordered - I live away from a city or from an audi that uses Siemens much - my hearing was pretty lost in meetings at work). So I want a back-up pair. I suppose I could get a cheaper kind of aid if its only for backup, but potentially I’d like one that will replace these 701’s when they are no longer repairable (and also I like the idea of compare & contrast brands, but not if my experience suffers). Then again, if Siemens is continually updating their technology, some of the performance may change between updates too as if they were a different brand anyway.

But my current local audi does not like Siemens - mainly because of difficulties dealing with the company, getting updates, technical advice and parts. She will do it for me if I want but she would prefer that I try Phonak Audeo Q70 or Q90. I am tempted to do this, in part because I understand their circuitry favors a slightly flatter response which might be better for playing live music than the Siemens (which I have finally programmed to acceptable settings). I also have Connexx software where i can tweak on my own (although honestly now that I have good settings, I only touch this 1x/year). The cost is about the same between the two brands and it seems like the features (e.g. bluetooth, remote audio) are comparable too.

One thing I really like about Siemens is the battery recharger (does not require taking batteries out of the case and I have to replace batteries only once a year) which supposedly also dries out the aids electronically. If I go back to regular batteries I will need to use a drying kit and at least historically with my older aids they would begin to suffer from moisture about 1x/year. My head says that this is a very minor concern, but my gut tells me ‘uh-oh, trouble.’

I do not need to decide right away, but if any of you has opinions or advice or similar experiences, I would appreciate hearing from you.



moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss from childhood
wearing hearing aid(s) since 1980

If you want a backup pair for live music consider going for a model from Widex’s Dream range if you’re playing something that is relatively loud. Why? See the video below for answers.

[video] 4XmDiLXw&ei=hn4yUtLxH-mFiQee-oFQ&usg=AFQjCNHBIPJ0erMFxE0DkzJEwgezIOFaPw&bvm=bv.52164340,d.aGc[/video]

I had Siemens Motion 7 aids with open fit domes for about 4 years and like them.
About a year ago I got Phonak Naida S crt RIE aids, using a
power reciever and power (closed double) domes.
They are as good or better than the Siemens.
Several of the Naida models are very water resistant.
I dipped my head in the bathtub not realizing I had one aid in my ear,
took it out and dried it with no problems.
I do use a drier box regularly anyway.

Getting the Target software for the S (spice) series and later is
difficult and challenging, I found a copy on ebay that works 100 bux.
With a hipro programmer you can make adapter cables so that
you can use the Siemens cables for Phonaks (requires switching one
pair of wires). These forums have instructions.
Software for pre-spice series aids is available free (plain Naida models
older than about 3 years).

Thanks - not usually so loud (jazz or blues/rock). Definitely that video laid it on thick, though. I will explore further, although I imagine I may need to find another audi willing to support me with an atypical brand. But thx again.

My experience with Phonak overall has been amazing!

I have been wearing a set of Siemens Motion 501 P hearing aids for the last 5 years, and have been mostly happy with them.
Recently I read about the new chip in them and ordered a set of Siemens motion 501 PX Microns. I have been wearing them for 5 days now, and am very much impressed with the improvements over the earlier aids. They have better natural sound, work better in noisy situations, and better Tinnitus masking to the point that I have to reach up and check to see if I have them in. I got the new minitek and charger with them but need to get the minitek band adjusted with more base to get a more natural sound there. I am also going to get a pocket pen remote, but otherwise think they are a great improvement over the previous good aids I had.

That should have been “wearing for the last 3 years”