Phonak vs ReSound

Tested ReSound Forza from Costco and they seemed pretty good. Will test Phonak Naida S CRT later this week. Audi claims Phonak better product but will be $1200 more than Forza. I’ll pay the difference if Phonak significantly superior. Any thoughts?

           L            R
  1.   25.          20
  2.   20.          25
  3. 25.          20
  4. 15.          30
  5. 80.          75
  6. 105.        105
  7. 105.        105

I generally get ripped for being a Costco fan-boy but with those 4/6/8k numbers you are going to need serious power and custom molds. Of these two I suspect the Phonaks will do the better job for you

i have serious loss too and think the increased headroom from Phonaks will prove useful Can you trial both of them?

I use the tulip domes with the Resound Future (from the Alera family) and I do fine with those. They are open and do not have occlusion. It took a few adjustments to get everything just right, but that’s true for any model.

Yikes…that’s a rotten loss configuration. Going after 4-8 kHz in that loss by conventional gain techniques may not be beneficial, but the frequency lowering (soundrecover) in the phonak aids may be useful so worth the trial.

Are the pair of Phonak Naidas only costing approximately $3800? That seems very reasonable.

Thanks for the responses. I’ll post which HA I choose. The Naidas would cost $4000, forzas $2800

Are the Phonaks available at Costco? I’ll be shopping for new HAs after the first of the year and not sure what to get but I was going to start with the Resound Forza’s.

No Phonaks at Costco. They sell their own aids which are re named but they are not originally Phonaks.

As just a HOH person the only knowledge I have is wearing brands of aids.
I have phonak Solanas and they have been the best hearing aids ive ever worn. This is my 4th set of aids. I tried resound open ear, I dont remember the model but they were very very small btes. They were not right for me, they had a hollow sound and like an echo. My speech comprehension is terrible and the resounds did not improve it at all but the phonaks did and enough where I can hear more often and more things without straining. My hearing is so bad no aids will ever get me to where I wont have to strain and read lips.
I have no high tones at all they are gone erased and my hearing overall is degrading anyway.
I like my phonaks ALOT but alas they may be running out of power for me soon.