Phonak vs. Bose Hearphones vs something else?


When my ears started going to crap I got $3000 Phonak Brios from costco which improve my hearing but in loud environments like restaurants they are HORRIBLE as i can hear the air conditioner or busboy drop a fork but can’t hear people at my table table. I bought some $500 retail Bose Hearphones last year and love the quality and comfort and bluetooth functionality, BUT they are ugly as hell and people assume that i’m listening to tunes and ignoring them. Are there any over the ear or in the ear solutions that sound as good as the Hearphones? I’m dying over here! Thanks



Your Phonaks need adjustment. Mine work very well in noise. I can understand about as well as normal hearing people, and sometimes better.



I also hear very well in Noise with my Phonak Brio’s. I’ve been told I hear better then hearing people. Go back for an adjustment!