Phonak virto Q90 nano or Starkey Soundlens 110 IIC?

Hello everybody, I am purchasing a new hearing aid and I would like to have some advice. I suffer from mild to moderate severe loss, and I am looking for IIC hearing aids as I have been told they are almost invisible, and that’s what I Was looking for.

My favorite brands are phonak virto q90 nano and starkey soundlens 110, I read they both fit deep in the ear canal and they are both invisible.

I went to my Audi today and he told me that my ear canal is deep and large enough for IIC.

I have to decide which one to chose as my Audi has to order the first hearing aid for 45 days trial, and then if the device is not good switch it with the other one…which one fit deeper? Soundlens is more powerful for moderate to severe loss? I dont want to buy devices with feedback especially when speaking at the phone, I want clear conversations.

I Was just confused with one to choose as phonak looks to have a better processor and more functions than starkey soundlens, but soundlens my Audi told me its more powerful for my hearing loss but the devices are almost the same frequency range…

if you have any experience with both hearing aids and you already know which one is better, pls give me some advice, thank you