Phonak Virto Q90 Nano IIC


Has anyone had any experience with Phonak Virto Q90 Nano IIC hearing aids? I just ordered a pair last Monday and would like to get some feedback on what others thought of them. This will be my first experience with hearing aids. I am 62 years old and have some high frequency hearing loss.


If you have just high frequency loss, most people feel like their ears are blocked even with vents in, with CIC and ITE aids. Not sure if IIC is the same but I would guess so :confused:

Open fits are good for high frequency loss as it allows the low frequency to enter your ear naturally with just giving you the boost in the highs that is needed. As your ear canal is open, you won’t feel blocked up all the time.

In my humble opinion, paying for “premium” technology in this style of aid is a very poor value. Much of what makes a Q90 a Q90 involves multiple microphone and wireless technology, neither of which are found in an IIC. I would expect very similar performance in the Q50 at a significant cost savings.

Agreed. Most of the manufacturers limited the release to the higher end products at least initially.

I am trialing the Phonak Virto. Not at all happy with them. About ready to give up and try something else. That being said, I have a lot of mid range loss, so your experience with high end loss may be significantly different than mine.
I just don’t feel these new aids provide acceptable speech clarity as compared to my analogs. The phone and electronics sound like cheap speakers, lost a lot of ground on the phone with these things.