Phonak Virto B-Titanium vs. Starkey Picasso

Currently trying to get proper aids for my typical sloping high frequency loss.

I tried a pair of Phonak titanium IIC. 2 issues. first, they fit more like a CIC. Per my Audi and friend they were quite visible. Secondly absolutely unbearable occlusion effect. Could not tolerate my voice and eating crunchy foods sounded like an earthquake.

Anyway my audi sent back the titaniums to see if they could enlarge the vents a bit to offset the occlusion. In the interim I have heard that the new Starkey Picasso is smaller than the Phonak devices and “should” be true IIC devices. In addition as I understand it due to the size they will sit in the bony rather than cartilaginous part of the canal and for the most part eliminate the occlusion effect.

Anybody have experience with the Picasso or earlier model (soundlens).

Now finally I must mention that I am currently trying the Eargo Neo HIFi. These are non prescriptive “hearing aids” and not simple amplification devices.

They cost about $1,500 less than prescriptive IIC devices. I have been wearing them for a week and to date very happy. Whill you cannot do REM and attenuate or amplify certain frequencies to match your particular lossImust say they are extremely comfortable and fit like true IIC (only the removal thread is visible and the end of thread sits right at the intertragal notch. There is NO occlusion effect as they are suspended in the canal by flexible silicone “fingers”.
They are rechargable which to me is a real plus and by simply double tapping my ear the pressure created allows me to choose one of 4 volume settings. Lastly there is an app that allows for altering treble and bass as well as some other features.

If the Phonak gives me occlusion at my next visit ( this coming week) I am going to ask my audi about the Starkey Picasso IIC devices.

In the end if the Phonak and Starkey don’t work for me I will keep the Eargos as they really seem great with the exception of no real ear measurement adjustments. I absolutely have improved auditory acuity. i can now hear birds and the waterfall in my pond ( not possible with no devices)

Any experience with the Picasso as far as occlusion is appreciated.

Also any opinions as to why the Phonak fit like CIC and NOT IIC as my audi did send in impressions and she tells me my canals are average size not small.

Appreciate any opinions or experiences.

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Not directly related, I have the oticon opn1 IIC and there’s no occlusion effect at all. They are also really not visible. I can DM you an image if you’re interested.

So I have been trying the SoundLens Synergy i1600 this past month and haven’t been particularly satisfied. My loss fell off a bit of a cliff and by the time I picked them up they weren’t really appropriate but we decided to try them anyway. The vent configuration was no longer right for me so I get a fair amount of feedback and they simply don’t do what I was hoping they would so this coming week I am getting Phonak Audéo Marvel M90s which are of course vastly more sophisticated and a different form factor.

I can say though that I didn’t have any occlusion problems but I am so used to tight fitting in-ear monitors (years) that I am not sure it even can bother me.

My wife was impressed with how not visible they are but that wasn’t a concern for me. Was getting 5 ish days out of them between battery swaps.

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DM ?? How bout email?

Sorry, (Direct Message). I sent you an image through the forum. Your profile avatar should have a notification badge.

In the past I worked with Signia’s Miracle-Ear version of hearing aids. Signia has the Click Fit CIC. Yes, it’s a CIC, but they are extremely small. As a dispenser, I really liked them. Because the sleeve can be changed out with any Signia Click Sleeve or even Click Domes, the occlusion effect can be reduced to nothing. With my patients who wanted a custom CIC, but who had good low freqs (like you do), occlusion was a constant problem. We would always have a tough time getting the vents big enough to drop occlusion. (Most often I would ask for “largest vent possible” and then use a select-a-vent plug to get to the best fit.)

The Click Fits were a gift. If you like the Eargo aids, and want something similar, I would urge you to give the Click Fits a look. It might be a good fit for you.

I trialled the Signia silk 7px for two months. We never managed to get satisfactory results. I then trialled the opn1 iic, and the difference was amazing. Speech clarity, no occlusion, no issues with my own voice etc. Admittedly, this was with a different audi who was much more experienced (he was actually surprised that the silk didn’t give me better results)

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