Phonak Verve

First congratulations on a great forum. I tried Phonak Perseo dAZ without success some years ago. I now have a friend with severe hearing loss like myself and he swears by his new h/as, Phonak Verve. Does anyone have any experience of them? They are BTE.

The Phonak Verve is the highest line hearing aids on the Phonak line. They are based on the Savia ART, but include worldwide service, such as loss replacement within 24 hrs worldwide, 3 years of warranty, batteries and loss replacement, etc.

It also talks to you, when the battery is low, when you change programs, etc and can be heard in many different languages.

Yet, they usually retail for $4,500+ per aid, due to the extreme amount of services and also due to the fact that the dispensing office must be “Verve” Certified.

Our practice in Hawaii has just become Verve Certified, thus I am learning this first hand.

Try the Savia Art BTE and save youself lots of $