Phonak Versata Options

After months and months of reading and research on HA’s, I made the decision to go with the Versata per recommendation of my Mayo audie. The BTE is $3871 including ear molds, warranty, etc. The Versata P model seems to fit my loss best.

250 10 5
500 20 10
750 30 20
1K 60 35
1.5K 65 55
2.0K 70 60
3.0K 80 70
4.0K 95 75
6.0K 110 95
8.0K - 110

I am confused by one thing she told me. She said the telecoil was a $100 option but said I could add it later if I wanted. That seems like a minor thing to charge extra for as many cheaper aids have that feature. Not sure I need it but from those who know, Is this a programming thing or a hardware change?? Are the 4 basic programs standard or customized? We ran out of time before I got all my questions answered so I am now filling in the blanks. I’ve read lots of posts on the forum and I appreciate the info Thanks if you can help!!

I’ve been trialing versatas for about a month now. They were not fitted correctly at first, but now that they are, I love them. I wouldn’t consider leaving the house without them.

The t-coil setting is just a computer click. It is not a hardware change. I was not charged extra for this option. I use t-coil as a way of muting my aids when I’m around screaming children (often).


In the software anyway , for all of the larger aids ITE/BTE and some even smaller, the telecoil is included, not a hardware option,
It is just a business just like any other business I suppose.

Behind-the-ear aids have a t-coil standard. The extra charge quoted may have been for the Easyphone option which allows t-coil access without pushing a memory button.

Is the easy phone option a piece of hardware, or a software choice that only needs be enabled?

It is a software choice that needs to be enabled. Phonak will charge the provider to do this.

I should expand a little. The easyphone cannot initially be enabled by the provider. It must be enabled on the chip while at Phonak. Phonak will charge the provider for this feature to be activated. Once in the aid the provider can turn on or off.