Phonak updates available

I haven’t seen this posted yet, so I thought I would add it, there is a new firmware out for ipfg & it is now ipfg 4, the updates include the new hearing aids, some functions in the fitting options & also an update to the mypilot:

myPilot upgrade - new additional home screen for direct program control: Full control over the hearing instruments at any time builds confidence in life. myPilot is the advanced remote control that offers one-touch binaural program and volume level control. The new myPilot is equipped with an easy-to-operate direct control menu.

As my hearing person doesn’t have a clue about this I have updated my software at home & am going to have a go at updating the the mypilot, hope I don’t sc*w anything up :eek:

Should that be iPFG 2.4? Also, what exactly has changed in the myPilot? I’m not able to find that info.:o

My only weeks old iCom got an update yesterday while I was at audi office! Meanwhile, she had to update the fitting s/w for my Phonak Exelias as well…and I thought latest version of that had been available several weeks or longer? As a side note, she sent both HA into Phonak to get them checked out Monday afternoon. They arrived back in the office Wednesday, and I got them Thursday. Worst kind of withdrawal to be w/out them, so it was terrific to have such short turn around time. 3 things were replaced in each. Then she also put on new tubes from BTE HA to lucite molds.

I’m a new to wearing HAs. How do I get gear to adjust my HAs on my computer?

Dan in ABQ

Look here…

And then here…

Hope that helps…

  • Luis

Anybody know how to get the myPilot out of Direct Control and back into Standard? I was playing and changed to direct control, now can’t get back to the menu to get back into standard mode. …

figured out my own answer. Hold the two side buttons down together for two + seconds, and you will go back into standard mode.
Phonak, if you are looking…It would be Nice if that was documented somewhere…

According to the User Manual, hold the center button down for 4 seconds to return the myPilot and aids back to their default screens/settings.

And now that I got the upgrade myself, I see that this one does NOT work. Two pages later in the manual it does say to hold the two side buttons down for 2 seconds, so it IS documented … read a bit further in the manual, Page 16 I think it may have been. But the center button method does not work and is incorrectly documented and can result in some panic.

Please look at post #46 for the answer