Phonak Una vs. Unitron Next E (cic)

Hello all,

I’m new here, with lots of questions. I have neurossensorial loss on my both ears. I don’t hear at on my right and need the HA on my left, which has mild to moderate loss.

After having my Oticon CIC for 4 years, I need a new one, since it died last week.
I’ve always used Widex prior to this Oticon and was quite pleased with the change. Never had any problem with…

Now that’s time to go shopping, my audi suggested between Phonak Una MC and Unitron Next E. Both are CIC models, since I tried a BTE and hated having to adjust the aid and the glasses and the hair… (guess I’m not used to it anymore).

As far I could read, both have pretty much same technology and don’t differ much from each one. Except for the price, as Phonak it’s more expensive.

Do anybody have experience with them? Good or bad?

Somethings I’m considering:
it’s terrible using HA with cellphones, I have always to take it off before answering the call.
My ears rings 24/7 as if I have a happy animal inside it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any thoughts?


You need hearing aids with good feedback control. I just got Phonak Versata’s today. They are CIC’s. I used a variety of phones today with NO feedback. You can search for my post by doing a “Phonak Versatas” search. My comments on the first 6 hours of use are detailed.

Tks for your reply.

I just spoke to my audi and we decided to try the unitron model. My main problem right now is the total lack of time, since I’m pregnant and the baby can born at anytime now, lol . I don’t think it will a good idea to go to the hospital without my HA.
The clinic lend me one BTE but it sucks (old model, not fitted, etc, just for a bit of help). I really rather not to use it since it bugs me so much. So hopefully I will be able to get it by next Friday, which was the fattest she can make it…