Phonak TVLink 11

Just received my new hearing aids and Compilot, Phonak TVLink 11. It works perfectly on my Direct TV and other devices but does not work on Netflix. My provider said that Nexflix block out certain devices. I spent almost an hour with Netflix troubleshooting and finally was informed to contact Phonak. The problem is NOT with Netflix.

What type of device are you running Netflix on, and is it connected to the TVLink II? If it’s a computer or smartphone with Bluetooth then you’ll want to pair the ComPilot II directly with that device.

it is a Phonax TVlink 11 pair to my ComPilot 11. My TV is Ultra HD40 and the TV sound works on my ComPilot except for Nenflix.

Are you connecting your TV to the TVLink II using an optical cable? The TVLink II only supports PCM and not Dolby Digital. Check the audio settings in the Netflix app.

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