Phonak TVConnect

I’m unclear on the controls. I’ve read that pushbuttons on hearing aids can control volume, but also the amount of environmental sound the microphones supply. I think the volume controls on the TVConnect just control streaming volume. I’ve looked on PhonakPro site and haven’t really found an explanation that I get. Can anybody give an explanation? Thanks.

My understanding is mic attenuation is done in Target or the phone app.
The tv connector and aids volume buttons only change volume.

Thanks. I thought I read something otherwise. I keep forgetting about phone app!

The phone app does seem to be the easiest way to make adjustments but the environmental switching can also be done via toggling on the aids. This may require a set-up through target but mine came set-up that way. That is - assuming that the KS9s really do everything the same as the marvels.

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My KS9 and TV connector combination now works exactly as you stated; however, the app volume control function was missing till after the recent phone app update.

Do any of you know if the Phonak Marvel TVConnect streamer will be the same streamer for the Paradise HAs? Compatible with.

From this:

I’d guess they’re compatible in that it says it, as well as Marvel is compatible with PartnerMic, Phonak Remote and TVConnect

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Thank you MDB. I appreciate it. (Had to make 20 characters )

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Confirming, works like a charm with both.


My Paradises arrived yesterday and they sound very fine. I haven’t figured out how to connect them to my TV connectors. I see no Paradise TV Connector option in Target 7. What did you do to connect?

You don’t need Target. Sorry to be impish, but when all else fails, read the directions. Basically turn it on and push the pairing button if I remember correctly.