Phonak tv link

Anybody have any experience with the new Phonak TV Link?

I have the Voiis, and it didn’t do the job.

Got it, Love it.

see DIY TV Link / TV FM Link

I have been curious about the TVLink also. The Vois has not worked out for me. Another thread mentioned this location as an option for getting the TVLink so I contacted them. The TVLink only without the iCom is $145 delivered to my door. I was sure hoping on a lower price but if it works well it could be the way to go.

I have the TVLink and love it. Didn’t have the VOIIS, so can’t compare.

I just had caught TV with Phonak. Voiis argue that it has very little noticeable delay. We have not tested the device, but I have never got any complaints yet.

I bought the Phonak TV Link to use with my I Com. It is vastly superior
to the Voiis unit. I highly recommend it.

Bought it
tried it
no use
Severe audio distortion caused by direct sound mixing with the TVLink sound makes it unusable.
Fine if you are the only one watching the TV, just mute the TV’s speaker, but otherwise I found it unuseable.
See this thread:
Phonak TVLink-an analysis of its performance wrt bluetooth delay

I have had my hearing aids (Nios Micro V) only a month. I bought the iCom - TVLink as a package with the hearing aids.

The iCom is paired to my cell phone and the TVLink. The iCom has greatly improved my ability to understand conversation on the cell phone. The sound is heard in both ears.

Audio from my TV and DVR is sent to my audio system. The TVLink is connected to my audio system. I use a satellite system and receive several music channels. I listen to music through both hearing aids in stereo. I have not heard music like this for a very long time. The sound remains consistent as I move about the house. My wife and I watch TV and DVR movies with the TV volume set for her and the TVLink volume set for me. I hear the sound in stereo. Stereo with the hearing aids is more defined than through speakers. It compares to wearing a high quality wireless headset.

I do not notice any delay.

The short answer is I love the TVLink and am happy to have it.

Have an iCom/TVLink. No perceptible delay. I only have one hearing aid so a delay would definitely be noticeable. Use it whenever I watch TV. Works great!


they’ve got the lowest price on tvlink and icom package i’ve seen

I am currently testing TV Link and in my case the delay causes problems when wife is listening through speakers. My hearing is pretty awful at freq about about 2Khz, but almost normal below that. This causes the echo problem. I can deal with it pretty well by wearing ear protectors, or even wearing an unterminated Bose headset. I think this is a characteristic of the Bluetooth data path. Best bet for me is to use IR wireless headphones rather than the TVlink for this application.

Another problem that I’m working on a solution for is how to use the headphones (or TVLink for that matter) with a soundbar home theater audio system. This normally cuts off the sound and audio outputs on the TV set. I have ordered a HDMI->optical bridge and plan to use that with an optical->analog audio converter to feed the headset(s) in tandem with the speaker audio. This approach works quite well with just the TV using a Gefen Digital Audio Decoder (the version that will work with Dolby to 2 ch L/R, not the cheaper non-Dolby version).