Phonak TV link s and com pilot. Help

What I want to do is totally mute audio from T.V. speakers so no one else can hear while I have T.V. Audio streamed to H.A.'s. Is this possible with the Phonak, TV link s and com pilot? Will the volume be controlled with the HA’s?

It depends on your specific TV. Some models are capable of turning off the internal speakers separate from the external audio outputs. This is usually done in the setup menu. I don’t think it can be easily changed using your remote control, if you need to accommodate other users of the TV.

If you are receiving your TV signal from a cable and have an input cable box that feeds the TV, you can use the second box output to feed the TV Link S transmitter. You then mute the TV and control the HA volume with the Com Pilot.
If your TV has both a Headphone and RCA plug outputs, depending of the TV design, sometimes the TV mute controls only the RCA outputs and using the Headphone plug then would do your job.
I watch our TV using the uTV 2 transmitter and the uDirect2 remote and obtain the results you require. I believe the Unitron and Phonak accessories are identical units.

Edited by correcting mike plug to headphone plug

Thank you for your reply to my post. I am able to turn off the t.v. speakers from the setup menu so if I am reading the use of the com pilot and t.v. link s all I have to do is connect t.v. link to audio out on t.v. RCA plugs and stream to H.A’s. I think this should work and I thank you for your input. DD

I do what you want to do with the ComPilot and TV all the time. I adjust the volume on the TV to 0. The volume that goes into the HA’s can be adjusted via the Compilot just as you can adjust the HA volume in general.

I do pretty much the same - just turn the TV volume on “mute” and adjust volume to hearing aids with my Compilot