Phonak TV Connector – superior listening to television programs containing speech

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The Audeo B direct is on my short list of possibilities. I was waiting for a report from @1Bluejay when they get their Phonak TV connector.

Since I am younger than their youngest aged participant and a lot younger than their mean aged participant I don’t think this can be extrapolated to my demographic. All the aids were fit with the manufacturers formulae so in effect they were all set up differently and this could account for any differences in the results. The numbers are way too small to be meaningful. No randomization etc. etc. Just another “white paper”.

Two of the three involved in the report are Phonak employees. The outcome appears per-ordained.

This is definitely an in-house white paper. Just thought it might shed some light on the functionality of the product given recent discussions :slight_smile:

I just got a pair of Phonak Audeo B-50 hearing aids with the capabilities to connect to my iPhone 7 and to the TV connector via Bluetooth.

I have a “profound” hearing loss and previously could only use the iPhone by answering calls in speakerphone mode and holding it up near my ear, even when using hearing aids. This means that when out in public, anyone and everyone within at least 50 yards could hear everything being said to me … and listening to the television was a constant battle, with me unable to hear the audio unless I turned it up to the point that my wife’s ears were on the verge of bleeding. Besides just being able to hear the sounds from the iPhone and television, I can understand what is being said FAR better because the sound is being processed by the hearing aids.

As far as I am concerned, it’s close to being a life-altering difference compared to using the old hearing aids that did not have this capability.


Well … GOOD NEWS! I just got my itty-bitty TV streaming unit hooked up to our TV at home. It took about 20 seconds for my aids to pair with it - and I didn’t even have to take them OFF or even re-boot them by opening/closing the battery door!

VOILA! I am streaming in stereo with the TV now … and LOVING IT! The volume streamed is SUPER loud, tho, so first thing I have to do is turn my aids way down.

I can receive phone calls even when streaming to the TV! If my Samsung cell phone rings, it overrides the TV streamer, and I just have to accept or reject the call. If I accept it, the sound streams into my LEFT ear only. When I hang up, I’m right back to streaming the TV.

In contrast to the Oticon TV streamer, the Phonak unit allows me to hear ambient noise & converse with folks in the room even as I stream the TV in STEREO to my ears! HA HA! I will be the official translator on all shows or movies where folks speak with accents or talk too fast! It works THAT GOOD.

Also - unrelated to the TV streamer, I had an app’t with a doc today who must’ve asked like 100 questions in rapid-fire STRONGLY accented English! To my stupefied amazement, I fired the answers right back to him! Sometimes, his back would be to me cuz he was checking things on a counter-top, but mainly … WOW! What a difference from the Oticon Opns that I struggled with for 9 months, seemingly never able to discern SPEECH from the miasma of noise all around.

I guess for me, the Phonak Audeo B-Direct is the REAL DEAL. I feel liberated for the first time in maybe 30 years? Hands-free, necklace/doodad-free streaming with both Android phone and TV. Life doesn’t get any better. :-:grin:


Glad to hear that you got the Phonak TV streamer working well for you!

When I stream from the Oticon streamer, I can still hear the ambient noise just fine at the same level as before. So I’m guessing that your audi must have changed that default setting and cut down ambient sound from the mic when you’re in your TV Box mode or something.

If you have an iPhone like I do, you would also have been able to control the ambient noise level into the mics directly yourself any time without needing an audi to program it for you, when you’re in the TV Box mode inside the iPhone Hearing Devices setting. But of course only with an iPhone because it’s an iPhone feature, not the Oticon ON app feature.

Yeah … now I know! Ack, I’m hoping this is something I can either live with or fix. In fact, the reality for me now is that I hear the ambient TV sound WAY LOUDER than any streamed audio into my ears. So … is that actually streaming? I think not.

It could also be that we have a separate speaker through which our TV plays audio. The actual TV audio is muted so NO sound comes out of the TV (which, as we all know is always tinny and crappy, no matter what the TV brand is). Instead, we have our TV audio coming through a speaker - which offers way better sound quality.

Now I’m wondering if that could be one of the problems? I’m simply not an electronics genius, but it could also be as simple as setting up a program to stream TV ONLY - and not ambient noise. Exactly how my Oticon Opns worked. That method drove me nuts cuz I could not hear ANY conversation in the room while streaming. Y’see: it’s rocket science, but no matter what, I’m still LOVING the Phonak’s! :-):grinning:

Turns out the problem was a single audio output that is NOT sync’d up by the aids, so I was hearing the TV speaker and then a split-second later, streaming in my ear. This caused a muddied, overlapped sound. I will return on the 20th to my aud-guy and ask if there is a program to enable ONLY TV streaming and NO ambient noise. (exactly as the Oticon Opns were doing)

Not wanting to do this through any separate app on my phone, I’m hoping it can be done in the office there. If not, I’ll just dedicate my TV streamer to my laptop, as it streams stereo FABULOUSLY with that.

Still LOVING these aids!

You can do that with the phone app that you don’t want to install. :slight_smile: