Phonak TV Connector issue: volume rising and falling

Although the TV connector I use with my Phonak Marvel 90r hearing aids is my favorite accessory, I am recently experiencing a curious problem. I noticed just the other day that while listening to a television program through my TV connector that the volume in my right ear hearing aid suddenly fell about two to four decibels below the sound level in my left ear. The volume in my left ear was constant as expected. When the volume, or gain, decreased in my right ear it fell gradually over a period of about three to five seconds, and within another minute or so it increased gradually over a three second period back to the same level as the left ear volume. This cycle of up and down changes goes on constantly until the TV is switched off for the night.

So, gurus, anyone else experienced a similar issue? If so how did you deal with it?

Mine does that sporadically. Then it goes back to normal. I don’t know what causes it, but if I open and close my hearing aids and re-establish contact, it seems fine after that. Be interested in seeing what others may have to say about what they do. I have the KS9s - same basic aid.

I’ve had similar probs with Phonak Marvels paired to the TV Connector. Typically, if I turn my head away from the Connector (say, I’ve gone to the kitchen for a cuppa tea while a show is on), there seem to be certain areas of “blockage” in my own house. So I may lose that streamed audio signal or connection to the Connector in one or both ears for a second.

If you’re sitting in the same position, no head turns, and volume is intermittent, it could be: 1.) battery needs changing (mine act flaky a couple hours before they go dead), 2.) firmware update in the aids required (also an issue for my intermittent streaming probs) or 3.) some kind of electronic malfunction where the signal isn’t being sent to both ears (usually there is a “dominant” aid and the “receiving” aid).

Hope you can troubleshoot this and get things back to normal.

Bluejay: thanks for your thoughts. My problem, it seems, is that this wavering of volume in right ear now includes any steamed content and not just the tv connector. I’m afraid it might be a warranty issue with the aid. We’ll see!