Phonak TV Connector compatibility with Roger MyLink

Hi I’m thinking about maybe getting the phonak to connector I currently have the cros 2 and nathos auto m which have a program so i can use them with the mylink and clip on mic I’m wondering about if i need to get the tv connector but don’t know if that will work with my current set up if anyone could help me i would be grateful

No the TV Connecter only works with Marvel and Paradise Aids.

You’ll need to connect your Clip On Mic to the TV which can be done or get a Phonak ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II and a TV Link II.

Ok thanks zebras for that information

Do you want me to explain on how to use your Roger for TV?

Yes that would be great thank you

Have you got the docking station still?

Then you’ll need an audio cable to plug into the back of the docking station and then into the TV.

You’ll need to turn the Clip on Mic on and then place it in to the docking station.

Then you’ll need to wear your myLink.

Depending on your TV, you may need (different types of audio cables) -

Thanks zebras will check that out and find out what i need

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