Phonak Target V1 Media CD install?

OK, I give in.

How do I install the second CD of the Phonak Target release?

Mine just hangs the PC burning up CPU.

Do I need to wait an hour or something?

(I’ll ask Phonak tomorrow - but maybe someone can answer this evening!)

Can you point us to the download site? My audiologist doesn’t seem to be up to speed on Phonak and I find I am much more successful if I am familiar with the software to help him find items in the menus.

From Phonak:
Phonak Target can be used as stand-alone software and as NOAH module.
To easily find out if the fitting computer fulfills the recommended system requirements, use System Check, a quick and
easy program. It is already available if iPFG 2.5 or iPFG 2.6 is installed,
To run the program click [Start] > [Programs] > [Phonak] > [Tools] > [System Check].

I think your disk might be faulty as my media files installed in around the same time as the target software. I received both DVD and CD ROM versions of the software in my package, hoepfully you did too so you could try the other. Alternatively copy the whole disk through explorer to your hdd and then install from there.

I have now tried the disk in my laptop - no problem … but it still just hangs my desktop … weird …

I’ll now try plugging in an external USB CD drive to see if that can read it.

Or maybe I’ll try copying it to a memory stick … dunno if that will work tho’.

Sorry, I doubt there is one.

I certainly can’t provide the software to anyone - it’s licenced just to me.

Also, the software ‘phones home’ to Switzerland using a secure link …

If Phonak don’t want to make their Copyright available to end users then that is their prerogative. If you think that’s unfair then please take it up with them - it’s pointless moaning about their policy here.


The memory stick option worked!

I created a PHONAK directory on it and then copied the CD contents using my laptop, which can read the CD.

I put the memory stick into my main PC and then clicked on SETUP.EXE in the PHONAK directory and all was OK!

I can only assume that I have a marginal quality CD or maybe my desktop CD drive is a bit out of alignment or something.

I respect their policies. If the software was publicly available I just wanted to see if I could download it as well. Unfortunately, I bought my aids through a broker that set up a local audiologist for me. The $2grand savings upfront isn’t working too well while having to spend about $150 of my time and gas money on each “free” followup visit.

On second thought I guess that isn’t really a valid argument since I am on my 4th audiologist and it would cost me the same for followups anyway. None of them seem to have much experience with Phonak as compared to what I learn by using the program only a few minutes.

I’ll have to look into a more “user friendly” brand line of aids when I am done with these.

Might I ask what the “Target” release is? Is this something in addition to the iPFG2.6? Is it needed for programming the aids? Is it required for the Audeo YES IX series?

Its’s the totally new desktop s/w needed to program the new SPICE chipset based aids from Phonak which were launched around 3 weeks ago.

Thanks English … then I do not need that for my YES. That’s a relief. As a techie, having the iPFG program allows me to look around in the program and assist my audi. She is good, but I am a software professional and can point out things that she has missed, some of the hidden features or finer points, when I have the ability to play around in the program.

I know I am late to this thread, but I agree with others that I wish Phonak released a locked version of this software that at least allowed people to see everything offered even if it would not make any changes to actual devices.

My Audi seemed a bit lost, and admitted she has only one other patient in the Spice line. She seemed to know where a few setting were and did a basic fitting, but I am seeing screen shots and hearing about some advanced settings that sound like they would help with some of the major issues I am already facing. Getting an in-depth knowledge of what can be tweaked would help me guide her on where I am experiencing problems so that we could make a few changes in a shorter amount of time to see what helped. I know my brain is adjusting to the new hearing, but right now I am not sure I will make it through the weekend with this HA in anything except a very quiet environment.

Might I suggest to people that they look in the Phonak e-Learning area for the training videos for SPICE/Target? You can see what is available, how it’s done, point your audi to the exact same links so you can educate them too. Sure, I’d like the software too, but I can’t find it so I did that.