Phonak Target Software... Last try before I give up

Wire Weaver,

I have Target Software v and the Brios aren’t listed in the Hearing Instruments section. Am I missing something? Or, can the info be transferred from the HAs? or …


I heard from Wire Weaver (sorry for my ignorance about forum procedures) and the answer is yes, the software will transfer the model, S/N etc of the HAs when it connects. Good news!

FYI, when using a new or modified session, you have a choice to use data from the aids or session. It includes “everything” from options, audiograms, accessories, etc. I have accidentally deleted my session in the past and was able to get it completely back from the aids.

Hello to all,

New version of Phonak Target is out (

I am reading/searching and trying to decide for my first HA and I am between the Audeo B and the Oticon OPN … (more towards the OPN based on what I am reading).

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Hello to all,

New version of Phonak Target is out (

I am reading/searching and trying to decide for my first HA and I am between the Audeo B and the Oticon OPN … (more towards the OPN based on what I am reading).

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Hearing aid fitting software is for professionals. It is not meant to DIY for patients, as fed up as you might be with your current audiologist. There are many many things that can cause serious damage to the hearing aid and your ears if everything is not done properly. You can very easily “brick” your hearing aid, rendering it completely useless. That’s a lot of money down the drain. It isn’t uncommon for a doctor to have to call a manufacturer if a technical issue arises and audiologists need to be fluent in every brand’s fitting software for the older and the newer hearing aids. My recommendation is to find another audiologist who deals mainly with Phonak. Someone who uses the software on a regular basis should have no trouble getting you set to where you want to be or maneuvering through the tabs to make adjustments. And try to confirm you are seeing an audiologist or at the very least a HIS that had been trained by one. Too many times I have seen people with severe hearing loss with standard receivers and the wrong type of dome because they were fit by a HIS who didn’t really know what they were doing.

I hope this helps!!

Alguien tiene Phonak 3.1 o superior.? Se me hace dificil encontrarlo.

Downloading, I appreciate your collaboration, thank you very much.

I wouldn’t have done this were it not for the fact that the link to Target on your (amazing and much appreciated!) mega-post appears to be broken. I’ve checked back there several times and I figured that the link had gone away (as seems to happen frequently with some of the fitting software). Also, I only have 5.0, and I know it’s been superseded and thus isn’t going to work for some people.

I also seem to have misunderstood your counsel elsewhere about making software available. I thought you were suggesting we use WeTransfer (or similar) for this purpose. And, I realize you’ve clarified this advice just this morning – that this technique is only reasonable when one is PM’ing someone in response to a direct request.

I really don’t want to mess up your system. I was around in the bad old days, before you took on these responsibilities, and I remember what it was like sifting through hundreds of posts – many or most with expired links – looking for software.

the problem of getting more qualified personnel will not be resolved anytime soon. the money is not going to be there. especially with new legislation, (relatively new), in that hearing aid / devices will now start being available over the counter. self testing software et al.

will WIRELESS EAR BUD distributors start making these new devices? Will they offer them at reasonable prices or will they take the hint from the HA MARKET AND CHARGE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, because that is the going rate?

if phonak sells devices for $5k, why should Bose sell them for under $1k?

bottom line is hearing aid manufacturers took advantage of us because of the MEDICAL CLASSIFICATION. They charged way over the actual cost to get 1000x profit because in their words, of how expensive it is to get medical / fda approvals and R&D costs.

if Bose and BEATS can start making and selling hearing aids, will they claim r&d COSTs are driving the costs highers? How come those R&D costs arent there for wireless ear buds?

Capitalism/free market/human nature…

and that nature is not to make money, but for us sheeple to mindlessly keep paying MEDICAL RATES FOR OVER PRICED STUFF…

*side note, I just had a heart attack about 4 months ago. got the bill, (thank you health insurance… ).

but, my insurance paid (without questioning) the hospital bill, which included $3500 for Rx while I was there. This wasnt for the new medications, or drugs used during the surgeries or anything else, EXCEPT FOR MY NORMAL ROUTINE MEDICATIONS. all the stuff I take at home every day, like my high blood pressure meds, my omeprezole for my GERD, etc.

my copays for those drugs average $30/month. all are generics. but, the hospital gets to charge more becuase… THEY ARE A HOSPITAL… $3500 for three days of RX that cost a regular consumer (without insurance, might pay $100 for a months supply.

now that my insurance paid $3500 for those 3 days, I hit a limit in my insurance coverage. which means I will need to meet/exceed $5000 out of pocket expense for Rx by the end of the year, before my insurance will continue to pay for my Rx.

the industry folk will refer to this as a DOUGHNUT HOLE in insurance coverage, ie a GAP in coverage.

I would normally never reach this DOUGHNUT HOLE as I dont use expensive Rx… but, be careful, if you all go to a hospital… SURPRISE!!!

ANYWAYS, rant over. move on…

Apologies for making my first post in what is a relatively old topic but I came across this via a Google search so it’s a topic I need some help on if anyone is able and willing.

I have some Phonak Nathos Auto UP aids and I have the Target 5.4.2 software which upgraded itself to 6 something. However, the software reports that it’s the wrong software for my aids. I was pretty sure it was the right software. Any advice on this? I do believe I’ve seen similar aids programed with Target 5.0.2 I think it was and with my software being newer, I would have thought it was still compatible (IE. Backwardly compatible) but it appears not.

So are there any programmers here who can help advise me what software I should be using for the Nathos Auto UP’s and if anyone has a link to offer, I’d be most grateful.

You’ll need the unlock code to allow Target to program the Nathos.

Is that what it is? For sure? I was under the impression they were not locked. None of my Siemens have ever been locked and I’ve always been able to program those OK. If I used the wrong software (ie. Connexx 8) on an aid that required Connexx 6, the software tells me so. The target software is simply telling me that the aid “cannot be programmed with this software” which seems to imply a similar message to that of Connexx software.

Yes you need an installation code to put in when you install the software.

I self program my Phonak Nathos and had to put the code in.

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Oh poop! Somehow I can’t see my audiologist letting me have the code. I can but ask I guess. Unless anyone else here has a code from UHCW?

zebras what’s the code? Isn’t the code for the software. I can’t understand why the NHS and Specsavers lock hearing aids, to me this is unethical behaviour. I wonder who they are protecting, themselves or the manufacturer when they do this?

Themselves, as in the chains.

The manufacturer such as e.g Oticon doesn’t lock their aids, but when a rebranded Audika aid reaches you, a brand of the Dutch retailer chain van Boxtel, IIRC, they have a lock. Somehow, they have to be very discreet when handing you that serial code. So it isn’t the audician, but the one who is going to give her grief.

On the bright side: Specsavers in the Netherlands never locked any aids I trialed with them.

It could be that it is a requirement of rebranding: That Oticon will not have rebranded products that are cheaper than theirs posted all over the internet as being the same? I remember that the Audika G500’s that I trialed got the chain more money and were cheaper than buying the Oticon OPN1 through the chain. However, buying the OPN1 at another chain still saved me 500€.

(In the end I ended up buying used Phonak Bolero B90’s for 320€. The retailers can’t beat those prices, however, it was originally bought at the same chain.)

In this time if COVID-19 Isolation my Audiologist is closed for the foreseeable future, I really need to find the Phonak Target Software. I spent an hour combing thru this massive thread, can anyone help me obtain the Latest Target software somehow? I have a pair of Phonak Naida v90s, a compilot and the iCube II


@TFanch Check your PM. You’ll be able to update it to the latest.

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Hi All

I’m also looking for a copy of Target - I have haring loss that fluctuates and getting to see an audi to get my aids adjusted is impossible at the moment!

Can anyone help?


I’m also looking for a copy of Target 6.0 could I get a download link?
Thank You