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I’m using the Phonak Target 5.3 software and have saved many sessions to the database.
I always kept logging my changes for each session in that field for optional notes when saving the session, but now I wonder where I could retrieve this info.
I would have expected that one can use those notes as change log to be able to remember what has been changed throghout the sessions, but I can’t find any possibility to retrieve the text that I entered into that field.
Or is there any other, better way to recapitulate what has been changed in which session?

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The OP is asking how to find the notes she put in the field when you end the session.

I personally haven’t found a way of finding the notes. I’ve since stopped using it and just store the notes on my iPhone.

oic, Sorry I was in a heck of a hurry. I can’t see where the session notes are displayed? Maybe on Noah software is a guess? But you don’t want to get into buying/using Noah software :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would just keep notes outside of Target.

Good news is that the software is at least storing the commands. When I opened the database file in a hex editor, I could find my notes.
Maybe I’ll have to write a simple Database-Application to retrieve the notes - when I should happen to have time for that. In the meantime, notes in my Outlook will do.

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Stefan D.

I found where to find the notes. If you click ‘cilent’, you’ll see them there.

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Oh yeah, there they are;


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Oh, great!
Thank you!

It’s old, but @Zebras and @pvc deserve thanks, it’s still needed, and some new members could find it useful as I did :wink:

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