Phonak Target Question

If I acquire Phonak Target and the necessary tools… When I plugin in my hearing aids (Virto Q70 nano) at home, will Target import the hearing aid’s current settings that my audiologist tuned? Thanks.

The TARGET software gives you the option of importing the settings from the previous software session or from your HA. It has been a few years since I began my self fitting, but I believe you first need to log in as a new client (Shown at bottom of the first column)
At the top of the fitting page, you highlight the button (CONNECT). you have the choice to start with the previous session or the program from the HA. Before you start, be sure to save the original settings before you start on your first session. That way, you always have that session to return to should you not like your new programming. You might want to watch the presentations on the following web site before you start. You don’t need to join or pay for them unless your an Audi taking them for credit…
PS… Always use a new battery in you HA before you start your programming. That way it won’t fail in the middle of your programming. I also use a cable to directly connect my ICUBE to my computer. Safer than using the wireless feature… software

Hi carnutfl, I am new to this forum and tried to send you a PM with no luck… I need at least 20 posts before being able to send a PM. Is there a way I can get in touch with you ?

I think that is a good rule. The purpose of an internet forum is so everyone can benefit from the questions and the answers.

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I understand the forum rule, but since that was some kind of “delicate” question, I thought I was better using PM to ask for it…

The fact is that I am a long time user of Phonak HA. I “self program” them since day 1. I have the iCube and iPFG 2.6 to program my “old” Certéna Art micro and my previous Audéo Smart III HA. Both were with the Core platform. I now replaced them with newer set of Audéo S Smart IX HA, but discovered that I now need Target 3.2 instead of iPFG because they are using the Spice Platform :frowning:

My question: Do you know where I can get my hands on Target ? I tried to purchase it through several websites, but they all retracted my purchase a couple days later “Sorry, we cannot sell you this item” even if it was showing on their website at first place.
Thank you very much for your help.

eBay maybe?

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eBay maybe?

Thank you rasmus for the PM. I am not able to reply to it as I do not have enough posts on the forum, but THANKS.

I have a problem(actually someone else) where the Target software is able to communicate with the iCube but hangs when Upgrading the iCube. I assume the Target and Software is communicating because Target can retrieve the iCube’s version but just hangs up Upgrading and just sits there, it doesn’t finish the process.

any ideas?

See my previous answer. Are you using a direct connection to the ICUBE?

carnutfl, thank you for the response.

yes, direct connection to the iCube with USB cable and tried another USB with same results. I will relay the your post when getting back in a week or so after TG!


Is the iCube to be turned off when using the direct connect to pc? Then upgrading, does it matter.

just wondering if the iCube is on would the bluetooth feature over ride the direct connect?

The ICUBE will be off when you plug it into your computer, but then automatically turns on. This overrides the bluetooth connection.

Thank you for the responses.

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