Phonak + Target - is it possible to have 2 programs with different prescriptions in a p90?

I note that several posts reference people having/trying 2 separate programs in their HA with different prescriptions - eg NL2 v APD etc. I think that was mainly with Oticon? This allows people to do an A/B comparison. I was thinking of testing a linear V non linear prescription (+/- compression) for a music program.

I’m just starting to look at the Target (7.1) Software but can’t see how this can be done natively * on P90t’s. I can only specify 1 prescription (under global tuning) as far as I can see and it affect all programs - inbuilt and additional. Have I misunderstood or is this NOT possible with Phonak?

*(I realise I can do a LOT of fine tuning for individual programs that may approximate another prescription but the impression I get is some HAs let you potentially specify a different prescription for each program)

I don’t believe Phonak will do this.
Oticon will.
Not sure about other hearing aid manufacturers.


My hearing is much worse than some. I have tried different fitting rationales and learned it really doesn’t matter, at least with me.

An example…
I spend a lot of time tuning the aids with a particular fitting algorithm to get the best speech understanding. Then set the aids up with a different fitting algorithm. My speech understanding goes down. I then spend a bunch of time programming the aids again to get speech understanding back. I did not find the new algorithms to improve speech understanding. Tried this with 3 different algorithms. Lots of wasted time.

Others have had better luck. I suspect they did not have the aids right from the start but that is my opinion.

Self programming is challenging and gratifying if you put the effort into it.

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Yes you got that right, Target always calculates for both HA at the same time.
I see only this way that could possibly work:

  • Calculate the 2nd prescription, but only save in one HA at the end.

But because that is not actually intended, but am not sure if the HA still work correct then. Maybe the two prescriptions must be identical. One must try it simply and see what happens.

Thanks for that - but rather than different prescription in each aid I was wondering if I could get 2 seperate prescriptions in both aids as the Oticons seems to be able to do.

So program 1 (R & L aid) has NL2 and program 2 (R &L aid ) has APD (for example) - looks like that’s not possible with target software/Phonak

I’ve been self programming my Phonaks for 11 years and I can confirm it’s not possible.