Phonak Target fitting software

Does anyone know if Phonak will have the Phonak Target fitting software available for download any time soon?

I’ve been looking for this as well. Doesn’t seem like it’s available yet unless it’s only available by CD?

I will be in a few weeks… i will soon get it on a CD thought, i think. They just introduced it so it will take some time before they put it out there…

Anybody know if its available to download yet?

Just something I’ve read on this board, but it is said that Target phones home and reports who it is and where it is so a licensed user is unlikely to jeopardize their standing with Phonak by putting their copy on the net. And, so far Phonak has not put out a down loadable copy AFAIK.


Hi Terry, it will show face on the net at some point, tis just a matter of time before a hacked copy appears… which will not phone Phonak lol:D

Cheers, Kev:D

Not sure if the copy has been hacked to kill the phone home feature but there are multiple torrent sites with it out there. If Phonak were smart they would provide a crippled copy that could be used to check out features and the effect on sounds of each feature while missing the modules that actually allowed control of the aids… or even allowed control but included a bit that caused the aids to revert to there session start settings when disconnected instead of keeping the new settings.

The best Audi in the world could not set my aids better than I could with a couple of days, a laptop to mess with settings in the real environments that I find challenging, and the ability to play and tweak settings to exactly what I wanted. I would then be happy to go back to the Audi with a file of my chosen settings to discuss why some of them might be innapproiate before using their fully licensed system to lock them in on my HAs.

In the admittedly very short time period that I have been dealing with Audis and Suppliers I have already been surprised at all the information they seem to keep in the shadows because in their opinion we do not have the training to truly understand. I do not need a whole lot of training to know that they seem to work fine when sitting in my Audi’s very quiet office and she adjusts everything to sound better in that environment, yet trying to adjust the Voice in Noise settings in that same environment has produced only very small improvements when I walk into the data-center the following morning and have to remove the HAs to be able to understand the person standing next to me.

I agree with you 100%!!!
I would love to be able to self program these bad boys. I’ve had a terrible experience so far with inexperienced Audi’s (with target software programming). This has literally made the last couple of months very frustrating for me. I know that I would be able to fine tune these hearing aids to my particular needs if I had a few days to tweak my own settings in Target.

Best of luck.

I would think it would be in Phonaks best interest to let those that can or want to tweak their aids.

Everyone that does program their own aids love the results they achieved.
A happy customer is the best sales person by far.:smiley:

Haven´t read the hole thread, but isn´t IPFG the software, you are looking for?
Here is the downloadlink:

Edit: Forum does not allow me to set a link at the moment. :confused:
So write in Google: IPFG 2.6b. So you get the link.


Sorry Bernaus,
You are one microprocessor and one software family behind. The new stuff hit the streets in the US in November. The Spice family of processors needs the Target software. My impression is that Target won’t work with older “Core” aids and iPFG won’t work with the Spice family. If I’m mistaken someone will comment.


I am in the same situation than yours. One more in the same bag. I am changing of audi, hopefully this one know what is doing…Hope:D