Phonak Target and Unknown hearing aid message

I got the Phonak Target software 6.2 and tried hooking up my Audeo Smart IX hearing aids. I am getting a Unknown hearing aid message when I try to connect telling me to use iPFG. I did get the iPFG software and programed my aids but am interested in using the Target software instead.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

You can program older/legacy hearing aids with older/legacy fitting software.
You can program newer/current hearing aids with new/current fitting software.

You cannot force current fitting software to program older/legacy hearing aids.
You cannot force older/legacy fitting software to program newer/current hearing aids.

Target 6.2 shows the Audeo Smart IX hearing aids in it’s list of instruments. I am just puzzled as to what’s up.

It’ll be the Audeo Smart S IX which shows up on Target. They are different hearing aids to your Audeo Smart IX.

Those are the older “Core platform” as Zebras has stated the ones in Target are the “Spice platform” they do look similar,but they use a different chip.

Thank you both for your replies.