Phonak Target - Adjustments to lower wind noise?

I’m a self programmer so don’t have access to an audiologist as I also buy my Phonak HAs off eBay.

I’ve got the Phonak Target software and want to know how to reduce wind noise with the Phonak Q50 HAs, that don’t have the WindBlock feature.

Would reducing the lower frequencies help or something else, anyone know?

I found this but it’s a bit confusing.

Maybe sell it and get a Q90 that has WindBlock?
I always like to go for the top-of-the-line models when buying used.

hi @Zebras,

i have a Audeo B 50 so no Windblock too.
But the Target Software has automaticaly Help for many issus.
Its my German Version, buit i think you find it in english.
See Picture:
Got to Feinanpassung; automatische Feinanpassung; Lärm - Windgeräusche; Insgesamt zu laut;
Then the Text says what he will do, and Ausführen means that he do this and you can try if it is better.

Thank you so much. That makes a lot of sense. I’ve never used that feature in Target yet so didn’t know about it.

Target will choose a different solution depending in which instruments are being fitted. Notice that in the case of Q90 instruments the solution is to Increase strength of WindBlock.

A different solution is chosen for Q50’s which don’t have windblock. That is, reduce gain at low and mid frequencies;

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It seems to me that a better solution for Q50 wind noise would be to just turn the volume down. That would be a temporary solution to a temporary problem as opposed to a more permanent fitting adjustment that would still be in effect when the wind noise is no longer present.

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Thanks PVC.

I don’t wear these Q50 often but wanted to know in case I had to wear them during windy days.

Thank you for the PDF, it’s really interesting.
I actually wear Naida V90s which have the wind-block feature and that is turned on on my main (auto) program. It is off on my manual “music” program. The wind-noise is indeed blocked by the processor but the speach clarity is not increased compared to my music program. I think zebras can keep the Q50s when only wind-block is the feature in question.

The link at Phonak no longer works, and I can’t find the pdf online anywhere. Any chance you could share the pdf instead of just the link?

What pdf link are you after? How to use target is here.