Phonak Target 6.02 exe - Need MD5 SHA-356

While I am sure that I can find the Target software to install, I really need someone to provide a known, working MD5 or SHA-256 for the EXE. As most of you know, the method for being certain that you don’t have or get malware, is to inspect the EXE, and compare it to other trusted sources. Alternatively, I can also submit the files to VirusTotal to hopefully discover malware, unless it is a new, unknown file hash.
FYI – I COULD use a safe source for the file as well.

Seriously? You’d be better off asking the manufacturers for this installation, instead of asking on the forums.

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I leave the virus/malware concerns up to the highly paid engineers at MS. Instead I use the image backup/restore capabilities built-into Windows. Though it takes a bit of effort and also hardware prep (two hard-drives, one for OS and another for data files).

Maybe you could use an older Target itself as a trusted source.

  • Run Target and click Updates on the bottom/right.
  • Wait for the download to complete and Click Save as (the dialog will ask you where to save it).

Voila! You can use that file to to update a currently installed Target fitting software or you can use that file to install completely new-from-scratch Target fitting software. It is straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.