Phonak Target 6.0: What's new?


I already saw in a thread that some people updated to Phonak Target 6.0. I just did, too.

So, apart from support for the Marvel series, I didn’t see anything that changed for my Belongs, yet. Did anyone else see other changes than the Marvel support?

For those that want to update their Target software, but don’t know how:
Target Software>Setup>Online services> :heavy_check_mark: Enable online services> :heavy_check_mark: Autmatically check for updates > :heavy_check_mark: Download in the background.



For an explanation, see this post on the fitting software thread;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids .



The Target software auto-updates from originally 4.3, which was provided by the for-pvc-effectively-pay-it-forward-thread :wink:



My updates is showing now for Target 6.0. It wasn’t showing yesterday.

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Yes, that’s where you can find it. Works!



I finally stumbled on something wholly new:
In acoustics there is a choice ear mold that now includes vents of diameter 0.6-0.8mm and it is even the recommended** setting for me. I was always bothered that I couldn’t get smaller vents for my custom molds. Rather detest occluded, but don’t really like to have such a large hole drilled into them as needed before to get within choice range. (Thanks @Dani for making me look at acoustics again!).

As I had chosen slim tips, I do not know whether this was an error or whether ear molds is newly added, too. Does anyone remember/know what was available in Target 5.x?

** The diameter choice not the ear molds. The recommended choice would be power dome, but I can never get beyond that itchy phase with those: Tried for weeks!



I’ve had 0.6mm to 0.8mm vents selected for the last year or so. I wear ear molds with my conductive loss.



So I missed the ear mold category for over half a year now in favour of the slim tip? Odd!



Could it be that it was different for the Bolero SP B90? I just looked at my prior AudiogramDirects and they all give an exclamation point indicating that I used different acoustics before. Seems a rather big thing to miss.
Just checked it in Phonak Target 5.4 on my laptop, it was there all along, indeed.



I need the software phonak target 6.0!
Do you have a link to download it?

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