Phonak Supero feedbacking

I’m just curious if there’s any other users here with Phonak Superos that are having issues with it feedbacking. I can’t wear my BTE BEHIND my ear, cause then it just feedbacks and never quits (this has been ongoing for months now). I have a friend who has Supero hearing aids too and she herself also have the feedback issues when they’re behind her ears as well. She’s been manually turning the volume down just enough to stop the feedback, but I can’t turn down the volume as then it’s even far more difficult for me to hear what’s going on. And no I haven’t been to an audie about this either, have had some issues with the local audie (and there aren’t any other “top” audies locally I could try going to either). I don’t mind leaving my hearing aid hanging in front of my ear, it doesn’t bother me, as long as I can hear. It didn’t used to do this when I first got it (even after several adjustment periods). Even with the last adjustment made, I didn’t have the feedback issue. But it’s definitely been ongoing for more than a year now.

What about a custom ear mold ?

I don’t think it’s the earmold’s doing though. There’s no feedbacking at all when the hearing aid is hanging in front of my ear. It only feedbacks when the hearing aid is behind my ear.

You probably have checked the obvious such as broken, hardened or cracked tubing. You might do better with slightly longer tubing, but I suspect the mould might be at fault as when the aid hangs in front of your ear it is pulling the mould slightly forward, which could improve the seal, thus reduce feedback. Try using a slight layer of vaseline or KY Jellie around the canal tip of the mould, not in the tubing though, and see if that reduces the feedback. If it does it is probably a fit issue with the mould. You might also want your doctor to check your ears for wax.

my ear’s clear of earwax, and I have tried vaseline on the earmold with no luck.

It’s possible that the feedback is due to improper adjustment of one or more of the gain handles (fitting software gain controls) particularly in the high frequencies. A REM would reveal this.

Also vent size should be examined in the light of the overall gain settings. Ed