Phonak stopped working...sort of


I’ve looked around these forums before, and I find myself needing some advice.

I recently purchased a Phonak…it is a Smart III. It worked very well for the first 3 weeks, and now any battery I put in lasts an amazingly miniscule amount…oh, about 20 minutes. Tops.

Of course, I went to the audiologist, and he said it was due to the mercury-free batteries.

I’ve tried just about 10 batteries in one day…several Rayovac Proline (and from 2 different packages), Duracell, and Energizer. Same issue with ALL. These are fresh, just-pulled-the-tab batteries. I left the hearing aid along for a day (that was yesterday), then tried again today…same result.

Is this related to the battery, or is this something I should take to the audiologist and say ‘Send this back for repair’? I’ve seen postings about short battery life…but not THIS short!



I have had bad batteries, even packs of batteries that were bad. But not that many from multiple packs and brands. My only question would be how are you storing the batteries? Are you leaving the tape seals on the batteries until you go to use them? How old are the batteries?

The batteries are new and not expired. The Prolines had expiration dates in 2015. Storage wasn’t an issue with the others since I bought and then tried…but I am not leaving them in the car or anything, and not pulling the tabs until the battery is to go in.



OK, this seems to be an oxygen deprivation problem.

Using an alcohol wipe degrease the battery compartment and the battery door edges.

Also ensure your hands are grease free so the pinholes in any new battery are not blocked.

also try waiting about 30s - 1 m after taking off the tab and before putting it into the hearing aid. I’ve heard that sometimes it can cause issues when oxygen doesn’t get a chance to get into the battery they die really fast.

This sounds like something is keeping air from getting to the batteries. Do you have oily skin, which could coat the HA and keep air from getting to the batteries? when you take the batteries out, have you tried to put them back in after a while? Once they get some air they may work again. Good luck!

Thank you for your responses! When the battery has had a chance to sit for a while, it will work again…but only for a short time.

I also let them sit for a few minutes…I let one sit for 1/2 an hour…same problem.


OK, once more:

This is an air supply problem not just a battery problem:

  1. Degrease / dry the AID around the battery compartment.

  2. Ensure that the batteries are not made greasy / damp before use.

(Also check for moisture in the battery compartment just in case it’s blocking the battery pinholes)