Phonak Speech in Wind feature


Anyone use the Phonak Speech in Wind feature? Is it actually any good?

I do a lot of sailing and struggle to hold a conversation due to the wind.

Am thinking of buying HAs that have the Speech in Wind feature to help.


I have not tried the Phonak aids yet. Two years ago, l demo the Starkey aids outdoors with a HIS talking with the winds behind me. I was able to hear speech without any wind noise. I am getting the Phonak Naida aids. I was a sailor and did not wear aids because they weren’t water resistant.
I used hand signals with my dad when l was working on the foredeck.


In all programs you can apply “windblock” to a certain degree. Every time there is a light wind my Naidas reduce overall output on all frequencies. The sound of wind on a microphone is successfully blocked. But speech recognition is going down, too. :frowning:
I assume that “Speech in Wind” just applies the windblock-feature to the program all the time. If this is the only case then this is of no use for me.
I think you should try to find a mechanic solution (like long hairs) to successfully block wind-noise specifically during sailing.


I’m a self programmer and I’ve just sprung for 2 x Phonak Naida Q90 for £230.00 off eBay.

Hopefully I notice a difference with the Speech in Wind feature.

I already wear Ear Gear when sailing to help with wind noise.


Mine work very well in the wind. Good luck. Go Phonak, get the job done.


With my current Phonak Naida Q70s I’ve got WindBlock set to max.

They work very well going around daily life when it’s windy but not at the sailing club. :frowning:


I don’t like the per-program option “windblock” in my Naida-B70. That’s why this option is set to only a low value. You seem to like this option, that’s good for you.

Meanwhile I have googled around and found a PDF at and from Phonak. “Speech in Wind” is working different than just applying “windblock” all the time: the sound from the less affected HA is streamed to the other side and the low and only low frequencies are then exchanged. The technical info sounds very good.
Unfortunately I no longer have the V90s for testing and now only wear the advanced Naida and not the premium version. Speach in wind is therefore missing and I am unable to try it for you. For me it was not worth to extra charge for the premium HA. I think you can benefit from this manual program.

Btw. you have mentioned “Ear Gear”. I didn’t know of that before. How much does you benefit from them? Do they really successfully block wind-noise? I am interested in them when biking with my family.


@Dani Thanks for the reply.

Ear Gear will be good for biking but I feel don’t help with wind noise but helps with sweat and dirt.


Did you meanwhile get your pair of Q90s? Does the wind-block feature work as expected?
I have been on holiday last week at a windy beach and found out that wearing an oversized basecap over the HAs did the trick to reduce windnoise effectively. This is of course not an option while sailing. Maybe you like to try something like this
pirate bandana :sunglasses:


@Dani Thanks for that! I actually bought a pair of Phonak Brio P-UP which has the Speech in Wind feature. The Speech in Wind feature is amazing! It works extremely well, for me anyway! I already use Ear Gear and also a big wide stretchy head band so my HAs don’t get knocked off into the water.