Phonak SOundflow

I have smart v been wearing them for 3 days…first time ever with aids for the most part.

I cannot stand the soundflow. I work in a relatively noisy inviornment which has LOTS of different sounds. (dialysis machines that are constantly alarming)

Whenever I talk or there is noise the soundflow noise cancelling kicks in. When it does this the crispness of voices goes away. I can sense soundflow constantly engaging noise cancellin on and off. I don’t mind the white noise of the background in fact everything is so much clearer when noise cancelling is NOT kicked in.

Get your aud to reduce the noise reduction in each automatic program by one step and also to change the sound flow preferences to be less sensitive and also have highest priority for speech in quiet and lowest for comfort in noise.

Thanks for this very helpful post.

I have the Smart IXs and I’ve had the same problem, this going in and out in noisy places. This morning in loud cafe, sound gets louder I can hear voices great, then gets quieter and hard to hear people. Hearnow, would that help this situation to reduce noise reduction in each automatic program. I’ve actually had comfort in noise programmed out, and have sound flow to less sensitive - both of which have helped.

It sounds like there migh be too much loss of low frequencies when the aids go into directional mode. Ask your aud to add more low frequency gain (about 3dB should do it) to the speech in noise program.

Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

Given your specific preferences. You might best serve with Unitrons. What I do like about them is the fact they are in fact user trainable. Their YUU or passports would allow you to train. Because they are part of the sonova group you get a similar instrument- they use Autopro 4 which is a bit less advance use of the automatics than
soundflow. However, the fact you can train the instruments via the “learn now” could
do wonders for you. I would try this if you have access to them

Gonna call an out here. What are my specific preferences again? How would you know what my specific prefs are? The fact of the matter is that my audi will adjust my aids by dropping noise cancelling some and priority with voice. There is no WAY I am going to leave these phonaks…they are changing my life. If I want to go with a lower quality isntrument then I would consider unitron…but right now I am happy with the top of the line as opposed to unitron which is a budget brand. Sorry not biting.

the Unitron remote control allows you to train how much confort vs clarity you want.
they are not cheap nor phonak lite brand. I would read about the YUU or Passport