Phonak Sound Quality NOW vs 6 Years Ago?

Sorry Paul - I have to comment here. Can I just point out that Phonak sound quality has always been good. I think what happened 6 years ago was that you had a spectacularly incompetent audiologist/dispenser who failed to program your hearing aids properly.

I have worn Phonak aids for over 30 years. I started with Picoforte aids in around 1993. I went private and bought Sonoforte23 daz aids in 1996 and these were amongst the first analog programmable aids with twin mic directionality. The memory of the high quality of these aids still stand out - with music being outstanding. I then was fitted with Savia, Venture, Marvel and then lately the KS10 (Paradise) models.

The only issue I had was with the Venture aids - where the dispenser made a complete hash job and the Autosense changes sounded completely wrong in terms of the selected environment.

No Phonak hearing aids I have ever worn have sounded horrible.



I agree. I’ve worn Phonak’s for 30 years and love the sound.

Definitely all depends on how well the audiologist sets them up.


I/we would like to know how is your experience with Oticon More.
Do you regret what did not purchase the Phonak P90?
Are you satisfied with Oticon More?

@habasescu.nicu, the More is a very modest improvement over the Opn1 in my experience. The big issue I’m having with the More is that in a situation like a bar/restaurant with lots of background speech noise all around I have trouble focusing on a speaker right in front of me whom I am trying to hear. Recently I had an adjustment session with the Oticon representative attending by phone. This resulted only in a slight improvement. This all might be due to my particular hearing loss.
My Paradise trial happened during the worst of the pandemic lockdown so I was not able to try them out at a bar/restaurant. I can’t really say if I regret not buying the Paradise. I would have to have done a more extensive trial with each HA to know.
I hope the participants here will excuse my off-topic response. I’m just trying to help a member.


I have Phonak Paradise HA’s with rechargeable batteries. I’ve used them almost 90 days.

I’ve had no issue with bluetooth connectivity with my iPhone 8. Battery life is excellent. Sound is as good or better than my last 2 sets of Phonaks.



I can appreciate your response and comment on Bose. Unrelated to the topic at hand but what speaker mfg do you like better?

So I can contribute to the post- I have phonak from 2019 and love the sound quality. I think each of our experiences will be entirely unique based on our hearing loss and specific fitting with our specialists. To the poster, if you can test them first, then go for it. My Roger Pen has saved my entire existence and has allowed me to stay present in conversations that I would normally completely miss out on due to masks, etc. If the hearing aid doesn’t sound right, get it adjusted until it does and if you go with Phonak, take advantage of the Roger Select or Roger Pen. The best investment I ever made! Like a miracle to point towards the speaker or have them wear on a lanyard. Amazing tech. Crystal clear. Puts the speaker right in your ear like a BT phone call.

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