Phonak software for home?

I was wondering if there’s anyway for me to get the software at home and adjust my hearing aid without the help of the audiologist. I think this would be pretty convenient but i’m not sure if anyone has it or if it’s possible to get it. Any tips?

I assume you want the Phonak Connexx software. There is a long thread about doing so in the DIY forum

Phonak Target.

eBay has everything you need.
Target sw, iCube or iCube II (for Venture platform)

These guys have been a great help to me in DIY programming. Contact them if you are looking for the current best places to get ICube or ICube II’s and other needed items. Index of /10HA/FAQ or at

Well Forrest I’ve been around here long enough to know that you are “these guys” LOL.

so i assume one needs more than sw

yep. you need the software and a programming device.