Phonak Smartlink

About a year ago, I tried the Smartlink. I loved it, but I had to return it to the dealer because of the poor reliability when using the bluetooth option. For the $ they wanted, I felt that it should work perfectly.

I just noticed the Smartlink uses old bluetooth version 1.1 (according to pdf literature downloaded from Phonak’s website). Nearly everyone else in the Bluetooth field has upgraded to 2.0. What the heck? That may have been the biggest reason for the unreliable connections at times? (Most of the time it worked well)

Does anybody know if the Smartlink has upgraded to Bluetooth 2.0 yet? Given the price they ask, they should have been the first to offer Bluetooth 2.0. I will only consider buying one after they upgrade.

Also, are there any rumors of other new things coming out there that offer all of the bells and whistles of the Smartlink?

you might try the oticon amigo for the fm…

Phonak is going to realase a new FM see my previous posting


XBulder… THanks for your reply. Which post talks about Phonaks new FM? I can’t seem to find it. I must be skipping over it???

I believe that their new FM/aid products are their Exelia models.

I can not find the neck-loop receiver’s spec sheet, so I’m not certain what version of bluetooth it uses, or if it is an A2DP device. It does look to be thinner than the smartlink, and slightly more discrete, though other ones on the market still are way smaller than this one looks to be.

It Could Be Months Before We See This Product
Rougth Estimate Aaa Next Year 5-6 Months From Now

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