Phonak Smartlink - How much does it cost to buy?

I currently use a Phonak Zoomlink and I’m interested in upgrading to the Smartlink but haven’t been able to find a price. (I called Phonak Customer Service but they won’t discuss prices with clients.)


I might be wrong but I was under the impression that with all the bells and whistles for both aids that the price was somewhere in the area of $3000. I was also under the impression that a new upgraded Smartlink was suppose to come out this month, but I haven’t heard if it’s out yet or not.

Thanks, Hask12. I already have a receiver and will be getting clip on receivers on both hearing aids, so it’s just the transmitter I’m wondering about. I’m trying to decide whether or not I can afford / justify spending the money on the Smartlink. The Zoomlink is good but apparently the Smartlink does much more.

Here’s the Smartlink transmitter for $1100. Looks like a good price! I found another site with a good deal on Smartlink bundled with a receiver - will share that link too if anyone wants it.

Gypsi, I’ve been looking into Phonak FM systems myself. Would you mind sharing what features the Zoom Link is lacking that would make you consider upgrading? I’m wondering if Smartlink is worth the extra money or if Zoom Link would be adequate. Thanks!

From what I can see on Phonak’s website, they are essentially the same thing, minus a few:

The Smartlink SX has a bluetooth connection with Bluetooth “Headset” and “Handsfree” profiles, removeable lanyard, and also remote buttons to operate remote programming on certain aids.

The Zoomlink has a little bit bigger battery.

I think it might be better for you to wait for the newer Smartlink + that will be coming out this month. They may already be available, as one of the forum members have ordered one through her audi, I believe.

I’d like to make a prediction. The I-Phone and I-Pod touch will soon be a bluetooth ald transmitter to the I-com or to a blue tooth neck loop. This will be at a fraction of the cost of the smart link. There is already an application called SoundAmp which converts the I-Phone to an ALD for less than $10. The I-Pod touch currently doesn’t have a microphone but the new ones this fall will have one. Both have bluetooth connectivity. Apple includes the SoundAmp application on it’s accessibility page. Like all aps, it will be refined and I’m certain that there will all sorts of apps/devices like special mics to attach…I’m waiting before I spend another $3000 for something that marginally helps. In fact, I’m heading over to the Apple store to look at microphones this afternoon. I’m kind of obsessed with this idea.

The Smartlink cannot be use to remotely control the Naida Hearing Aid. Its kind of a pet peeve of mine. However I need an FM that will work with my M11i receivers.

What kind of experience have people had with the Smartlink transmitters on the Naida?

Mamajoy, I think ljjehl answered your question. I’m happy with my Zoomlink but it doesn’t have bluetooth capability and I can’t use it with a phone. Hearing is really difficult on most phones and impossible on cell phones. I’ve never seen or used a Smartlink but I understand that it can connect with a phone and transmit the sound to both hearing aids. If I had it to do again, I would pay the extra $150. and buy the Smartlink.

Or buy a iCom for a fraction of the price and get stereo and binaural connections…

I hear it seems to run around $300 avg., depending who you get it from…

I already have iCom (am trying it out along with Exelia Arts - haven’t committed yet). Phonak confirmed for me that the Smartlink’s remote functions aren’t compatible with Exelia Art, so sounds like Zoom Link would be sufficient for me as the Smartlink wouldn’t really add any features.

Will the icom work as well as the Smartlink?

There are pros and cons for both…

has non-removeable lanyard, have to hang on neck to use, not sure if it works away from the aids.
Bluetooth 2.0 (stereo capabilty)
Has stereo output, but not sure if profound losses can tell the difference (I can’t)
does not have FM integrated, but has a slot to add a FM receiver if FM needed for school, meetings, and other areas that has FM loops.

Lanyard is removeable, not necessary to keep on unless the speaker you want to listen to is more than 3 meters away (have speaker wear)
Bluetooth 1.1 (mono sounds) Smartlink can be positioned farther away than the iCom, as the iCom by itself is not a FM transmitter.

The iCom is suitable more for cell phone/computer/device use, whereas the Smartlink can be used as an enhanced sound receiver. You can add an universal FM receiver and a cheaper transmitter down the road to acheive the same effect, but I’m not happy with the “prong” type connector that the receiver uses to connect to the bottom of the iCom. It’s possible for it to fall off under rough use, though nobody in the forums have complained of it yet…

Complete bluetooth/FM package options:

  1. Smartlink SX plus 2 ML10i receivers- cost roughly about $2500-3000
  2. iCom plus 1 zoomlink plus 1 MLxi receiver- cost roughly around $2000
    (prices depend on the source)

Hope this helps!!

Thanks for explaining this, ljjehl. Much appreciated! It seems the Icom might be the answer, and for much less money!

I have an I-com which works well, and a zoomlink which is overpriced and has limeted use. Am I better off with the smartlink? irv fenton

The Smartlink has bluetooth connectivity and the Zoomlink does not, but you have that covered with the Icom, so maybe you have everything you need. I hope this info. helps.

It all depends what you expect to use the devices for. The iCom and ZoomLink together have the same use as the Smartlink+.

My use may be frivolous but music hardwired to the smartlink , the setup left sitting on a counter, the fm program can be set with nice sounding bass. I use ,FM only, a good portion of the time, have fairly occluding molds. Have a Verison not very smart phone alias2 , 4 gig little card. I leave one aid set to easy FM and it cuts off the music when a call is incoming. I am not at the smartlink to answer but that is better than having to answer the phone. one receiver is a Mlxs w/ shoe the other is a ml9i. some tan some grey, I figure to start a new trend. I have an extra Smartlink I got it with a savia art w/ ml9i receiver . I have finally decided to keep my 2 receivers and one of the smartlinks.

I also regularily use the setup to watch tv. I do not direct connect but just the extra mike seems to help. The closer I set it up for music enjoyment the less it helps with comprehension. it is still better than without.