Phonak Smart IX receivers

My audi ordered two Phonak Smart IX’s and only got one receiver because Phonak supposedly was back ordering receivers. She asked if I would wear the one for my bad left ear until the other part was shipped. The receiver looks like someone twisted it out of shape to make a right receiver work in the left ear.

Are the phonak receivers color coded? The wire looks a little reddish color and the tip is black. Is this correct for the left ear?

No blue is for the Left ear and red is for the right ear.

On these Phonaks, the wire in the clear tube is a reddish pink color. I don’t know if that is to conceal it with a flesh tone or indicates it is for the right side. The speaker tip looks to be black. Since I don’t have a right side receiver I don’t have anything to compare to tell the difference.

The Oticon that I tried had white receiver tips with a small red or blue band so I could tell which was right or left.

Since the audi said Phonak didn’t send all of the pieces I have only had the left instrument for the last 10 days. The mail order supplier to the audi hasn’t confirmed that it was Phonak’s problem but said they would extend my warranty an additional year because of the troubles but I still don’t have the other instrument.

I just got two Audeo smarts 9 today with mycom. They sent the wrong receivers apparently because of the backorder problem. I am due one custom shell with a power receiver. The other ear gets a regular receiver it now has a power receiver in it tuned down to my range. My wires appear the same color. Charging the mycom as I type. Will let you guys know how it goes.

Your reply gives me some comfort that the supplier wasn’t being untruthful with me.

I don’t think they were untruthful at all. I think they had to jump through hoops to get me these. I was going to go with another brand as I had a trip soon and wanted to be acclimated to the new aids by the end of May. They originally told me it would be the middle of May before they would ship.

Yes, there is a backorder issue with the receivers right now, but we have slowly been receiving our backorders in the last few days, so hopefully we will be out of the woods.

On the Smart receivers, though, make sure not to twist them at the very top where they attach to the hearing aids, especially when cleaning them or removing them, as that seems to the the weak point on these receiver wires.

Thanks for the tip. I’m one full day into wearing mine. I noticed my duophone feature is not enabled. But I have another visit to the audiologist scheduled for next week for some tweaking. Some say the feature is not that useful but I want to try it. Using zoom to focus on boxing right now.

I wonder if the backorder is due to the fact that new improved receivers are replacing the wires you speak of below?

I found that the duophone worked great at home where it’s relatively quiet. At work, however, amplified fans made it impossible to understand the speech from the phone unless I bent my ear over and held the phone tightly against the HI. Since I could hear it ok anyway if I switched up it’s volume, I thought it was a waste for me.

Ok, now that I have inserted my contact lenses, put on my optiVisor and switched on my pen light, I can see that the wires on both HIs have red on them. The right HI reciever has a red-colored letter O on the side of it. The left HI reciever has a blue-colored letter O on the side of it.

Hope this helps.

On another thread regarding Phonak / Unitron speaker wire improvements, I’m lead to believe the connection issue with the Smarts has been resoved. Maybe not? Hard to believe they had such a good connection with the Audeo Yes, no problems with the wire twisting off, and totally messed it up on the Smarts. I was considering giving the Smarts a try as I have not purchased anything yet. Now I’m not too sure. I tried the Audeo Yes and I liked them but thought since the Smart’s were the latest and greatest, I’d try them. Guess perhaps I should consider something else.

From what I have read it sure sounds like Phonak is trying to make it right. The original Smart and Mini recievers had a problem but the new improved ones may be much better. The back order issue could be Phonak trying to make it right.

Good luck