Phonak Slim Tips

I am trying to get a better seal in my ear. The power dome seems to be very sensitive to where it is in the canal. There does not seem to be any position where it always has a good seal. I am constantly moving it to hear better. I have tried different dome sizes.

I am using open-fit BTE Versata aids. Is a slim tip an option on a slim tube? How well do they seal?

This is far from something restricted only to us hearing aid users, many on the pro side of the table do it also, but strictly speaking “open fit” and “instant fit” are not interchangeable terms. A powerdome is a “closed” fit that happens to be on the end of a slim tube. Open means there is a vent in it, and you can have an open mould (skeleton moulds) or closed domes. Many people do use the terms interchangeably, but they really aren’t.

The slimtube is an option, and also full custom moulds are an option on thin tubes. I am not sure exactly how it’s done because presumably you need to be able to pull the tubing out and change it every few months, but it’s certainly possible as I’ve seen it. If you want the best seal it might be worth jumping straight to getting moulds done, depending if you think you will tolerate them well. Then again, even moulds can be difficult to get right if you have the kind of ears that change shape very substantially when you move your mouth. I only had to smile and both earmoulds fell out!

Have you tried other sizes of domes? Might be as simple as having one which is bigger or smaller (as smaller might go deeper into your ear and thus stay put and seal better).

You are correct, I should have said a closed type.

I have tried all sizes of the power domes, there does not seem to be a big difference between them. Maybe my canals have too much of a curve to get a good seal.

Is a slim tip custom made for your ear? I guess the seal on a mould would better than a slim tip?

If anyone has used both types, I would like to get your input.


I’ll keep you posted, I’m about to get some slimtips. I’ve only ever had hard moulds and found the comfort a big problem. Seal is usually better with moulds as there is a bit in the shell of your ear too, but you can start to have trouble with occlusion instead, so it’s a balancing act.

same question