PHONAK Savia Report

I’ve had my OTE Phonak Savia’s for a month now and as requsted, here is my report.

59 year old male, Viet Nam Vet (artillery), enjoyed loud Rock & Roll music as a youth, worked in highway construction since 1975.

The company I work for has offered annual hearing tests for the past 10 years, over the last 5 years the tech giving the test has indicated to me that my hearing was getting bad enough that I should start looking into hearing aids.

In July of 2006 I filed a workers comp claim for hearing loss, that process took 3 months to get to the point of re-testing by a certified audiologist (company approved) who determined that my hearing loss was work related.

I then determined that I was completly ignorant about hearing aids and started searching for information on types of aids, that is when I found this Forum. I can’t begin to say how much help this forum has been for me. I know for certain that if I hadn’t first done my research and educated myself (on this forum) I would have ended up with aids I wouldn’t have been happy with.

My workers comp case worker suggested I work through my HMO to get tested (again) and fitted, I told her I already have a pretty good idea which aids I wanted and wasn’t sure if my HMO offered any of the brands I was interested in. She said if I wasn’t satisfied with my HMO and their products, I should call her and arrange to go someplace else.

My HMO Aidiologist tested me and then offered to me a variety of aids (all Widex brands), she said because of the narrowing of my left canal (due to an infection as a young man) I would require a ITE aid because the aid needed braced on the back of the ear to keep it in the canal. I told the Audi, if that was the only aid she could fit me with that we were wasting our time because I wouldn’t wear it for vanity for purposes. I then asked if they had OTE aids, she said they have one but it wasn’t a Widex, I told her I would consider a Phonak, Sonic or Oticon brand. (She then said "you’re much more educated on hearing aids than most people coming in for their first visit) I told her I had found a great forum and had been educating myself.

To my surprise she disappeared and returned with a Phonak Savia, After some discussion, she said I may get feed-back with the open ear aids and that’s why she hadn’t mention them to begin with. At any rate, we tried them on, measured the tube and dome size, etc. and scheduled my next appointment.

Two weeks go by and I return for my fitting, programing, instructions etc.
Everything goes well and I leave the office. WOW, I can hear again. I had no idea what sounds I was missing, The most obvious was the air leaks I found around the doors and windows of my car on the way home. Voices/words (especially my women & children) are crisper and easier to understand and the TV is turned down 2 notches. Now if I can just get the wife to stop yelling at me when she talks.

3 weeks go by and I return to my Audi for my follow-up, no problems to report and no adjustments necessary.

Even though my Audi and her assistant were not very familiar with the Phonak Savia, the instructions that came with the aids were very good.

The only problem I can think of is that when my 2 grand daughters (ages 2 & 3) are over, I remove the aids because they don’t filter out the screaming.

Thank You “” for your help in getting me to this point.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences!

I think you ended up with a great set of hearing aids, much better than what they first offered you.

Informed consumers are best, both for the consumer and the audi, in my opinion!