Phonak Savia- Lots of rushing noise?

Hello! I’m new and have a question about some Phonak Savia hearing aids I just received secondhand.

I have moderate-severe hearing loss, and terrible speech recognition, but with these Phonak Savia 211, I can understand speech much better than before and I end up keeping the television volume lower. My only problem is that I seem to be able to hear the air conditioning in the house VERY LOUDLY and just about any similar background noise is amplified to the point that it’s irritating and I end up turning the HAs onto the mute setting an awful lot to avoid hearing it. I’m oing back to see my audiologist later this coming week, but I thought I would ask here real quick because I’m an anxious mess on a day to day basis haha. Is this normal? The rushing noise is made by the A/C and is just as loud as everything else, but when I’m out of the house, insteada of hearing that, I hear the background noise of the world around me.

Am I expecting too much? I also believe I need more volume, but that’s for my audi I suppose! <:

Your audi can adjust the gain settings of the hearing aid so that it won’t provide as much amplification for soft sounds emanating from your A/C or other appliances.