Phonak Savia AutoPilot Switching Question

One of our users asked about the Savia Autopilot.

The AutoPilot automatically switches program, yet the switching is done independently, thus the left hearing aid could be in a different program from the right or it may take some time for the other side to “catch up”. This is a common annoyance with most automatically switching hearing aids.

The only instrument that I know of that communicates between left and right to switch simultaneously are the Siemens Centra.

Most other hearing aids tend to switch independently, which is something most users don’t even notice.

If this is an annoyance, it is best to use the remote control and manually switch programs. Any Savia, Eleva, Micro Power with remote capability can be programmed without Autopilot or programmed with autopilot as well as manually accessible programs to address this issue.

The user also asked about the feedback cancellation making the high pitches sound unnatural and odd.

This often happens if the earmolds are not fitting the ear well and leaking too much or if the venting is too large. The system cannot cope with the feedback and thus can cause such problems. Recommend smaller vents and/or better more snug fitting and re-running the feedback canceller.

Any shell changes requires the feedback canceller be run again. I would insist on this.