Phonak Savia Art

I have a pair of Savia Art’s and they have been sent back more times than i can count. I am less then a day away from making the appointment to return them. I was thinking of trying the Seimens Ceilo’s but i really hate not being able to hear for a week while they are being ordered. These are my first set of aids ever and now i am additced to hearing. for me, when i cant hear, i get very depressed and end up locking myself away at home, lest i go out amongest the public and people wonder why i seem to be staring at them.

My hearing loss is pretty symetrcal and i havnt figured out how to post my hearing test results yet. But i have a mixed loss with the highs being at the worse end of the scale.

Not to mention, my Ins. doesnt cover squat, so this is a very expensive venture.


Cielo is a good aid, it should do the trick

Phonak hearing aids are great instruments. What reasons are they being sent back in for? Are they going dead? Fit?