Phonak Savia Art Models

I noticed that both the Savia Art CIC and HS models when using a 90 db SPL input both have a maximum output of 123 db SPL but the HS model has a maximum gain of 58 db SPL using an input SPL of 50 db as compared to the CIC model which has a maximum gain of 45 db SPL using an input SPL of 50 db.

Why doesn’t doesn’t Phonak allow the CIC model to produce a higher gain like the HS model since the exact same chip is used for both models?

I don’t think it is a feedback issue since the maximum output SPL db is the same for both models and I would think that producing higher gain during lower SPL db inputs should not produce increased feedback.

Is the reason due to battery drain causing shorter battery life (20% more drain with the higher maximum gain)?

See the specifications. I was using the Ear Simulator Data on Page 1.

The CIC’s have a lot less gain because the receivers are much smaller than in the HS and ITE models.

Although the sspl 90 looks close, that is because the input is such a loud sound. Thus, at 50 db input, the gain is much lower on the CIC’s vs the ITE/HS.

It is often physically impossible to build a small CIC and fit such a large receiver. In addition, the chance of feedback and remakes are much greater, if they were to build such a powerful CIC.