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While looking around to find statistics for battery lifespan in Phonak Roger devices, I can across the following very interesting Phonak link for the “Rogerpedia.” Seems like the literature would help answer a lot of user questions on the forum:

BTW, I did not find Phonak as up front as ReSound typically is on the lifespan of their Li-ion devices. In virtually every ReSound rechargeable device manual, there is a statement that the battery will only last several hundred recharge cycles and eventually the device will cease to work. (strictly from memory), there is usually a statement, too, that the battery is irreplaceable. And also usually a statement of expected usage time when fully charged and how available usage time varies according to type of use. It would be great if Phonak offers the same sort of heads-up advice with their rechargeable devices (I know they do for their HA’s but I had trouble finding the same sort of info for the Roger Select).


Jim, I have a love/hate relationship with Roger devices. I have a Roger Select I got at a thrift store. When I first got it, I was hoping that it was an iN model. But it was just the regular Select. I plugged it in to charge, but after several hours, it still wouldn’t come on. Since I had next to nothing in it, I decided to take it apart. Not difficult once I figured out how. The battery was plugged in to a board. I tried to find another based on size, and did find the same size, but with only two leads instead of the three in the Select. I hooked the battery up to a variable voltage/current lab type power supply I have and attempted to charge it manually. This succeeded. It will now charge from its charger. I haven’t had a chance to use it to see just how well it performs. I have no idea how much longer the battery will survive. Typically, Lithium Ion batteries are good for a couple of hundred charge cycles. I was able to obtain a replacement battery for my Roger Mylink off eBay for about $10. The Select is fairly easy to disassemble, but the battery seems to be unobtanium. I think Phonak wants us to just throw the devices away and get new ones at the and of their battery life. I don’t see how, considering the prices they charge for Roger stuff. I have a Roger Pen, and I still haven’t figured out how to get inside the thing.
My personal opinion of all the Roger stuff is that it is way over priced for what it is. I regret ever getting any of it.

Thanks for the experience, John. I am very interested in Phonak as a possible future HA choice and one of the biggest deterrents for me is the cost of Roger devices, which are obviously very good and obviously Phonak has to support its research and development costs for a very limited market device. But it would be great if they could get some real competition that would help bring the price of such excellent devices (in the opinion of some) down - then penny pinchers like me would be more tempted to give a Roger device a try (I like battery-powered devices brand new, not used from eBay).

Jim, The technology of things like the TV Connector, and Partner Mic is very similar to Roger technology, and they cost much less. Roger is so over priced because the main customer is government agencies. As I have said before, the big 5 in hearing aids should, for once, work together and come up with a standard, and make it free to use. But, then they might make a dollar or two less, and they won’t have that.

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They’re similar only in the transmission.
But tv connector doesn’t have mics nor any processing of the sound. I believe I’ve found somewhere that there’s some noise cancelling going on the roger select mic itself.

Partner mic uses much simpler mic than select.

Other manufacturers also use simpler mics in their external devices.

Select recognise sound source and shifts focus there automatically.

So yeah, so far roger select and family is the only one capable of these things plus create network of them.

@jim_lewis I agree with you, it’s time that competition comes in. I’m actually surprised not seeing it already. It seems like it’s too much hassle, so others aren’t keen on doing it.

Maybe new bt will bring something new, since it will support two way communications on low power.

Roger devices cost insanely, I agree with that.
Overpriced? I can’t say that, since there’s no other way I can get the same sound quality and speech comprehension in the same environment, with the same ease of listening as I can with them. I mean, overpriced for me would be if I don’t think it’s worthy to me what they bring. But quite the opposite - they’re extraordinary worthy.

And I can’t imagine going on interviews, meetings, lunches without it and being able to follow conversations. I tried. I failed. Not cool. Not when your success depends on how good you follow conversations. Colleagues and bosses want you to be social person. :joy:

I’m happy that I’ve found such a device and can buy it. It is insanely expensive. But definitely worth every cent for me.

Hey, I’m able to turn my eyes away from the lips and still understand. :joy:

Yes, I’m aware that they won’t help everyone. Especially since I use it in my both ears.

However, that’s what trials are for - if you have money and think you might get something out of it, you start trial and see for yourself.
My conclusion was that select brings a lot, but it’s still hard with one HA only, so I went with two HAs as well.

Just accidentally had good ear HA off while using roger pen today, and it was usable but I definitely had to concentrate more. I was using pen to point onto the speaker of the phone for video call, since my SO and I were both listening and talking, so streaming to my aids only would not work.
I mean, my distance from the phone was like 50cm/20 inches, and it wasn’t that smooth bc of different signals.

Anyhow, test test test test.

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