Phonak Roger X compatibility with other hearing aid brands

Has anyone had experience using the Roger X on HA and accessory’s other than Phonak?

My friend uses Roger Xs on her Oticon OPN PP BTE hearing aids.

Thats good to know I have Starkey aids and I would like to use it on my remote mic+

Does your Remote Mic+ have a connector that’s compatible with the Roger X? To use Roger on a non Phonak device, you either need a special shoe on your hearing aid that’s compatibe or your auxillary device needs to be compatible.

Along with hardware fitment I suspect there is software fitment too for the Roger X.

Not 100% sure about Starkey but cochlear has a remote that allows you to attach a Roger X to it.

My remote mic has what’s calle a europin connection that looks just like the pictures I have viewed of the roger X. My understanding is it’s a generic connection. Starkey tech told me that they do not sell them that whatever venue I am should be able to furnish one for the event. I have not been able to talk to the sound guys at my church yet but i will> that said I would rather just have my own rather than depended on someone else for it.

Sounds like you have it. Phonak calls it the Europlug.

Yes I am wondering if the Phonak roger x is a generic fm transmitter that will work with my starkey device. I think it will but I haven’t found a local provider that has one in stock that I could try. I don’t want to buy until I have tried one.

If a device has the three pin euro plug, it is made to receive audio via that plug. It doesn’t care who or what brand the receiver is that you plug in. Think of it like a 3.5 mm jack.

Thanks that is what i thought but I have not been able to get an answer from local audi. Starkey Tech told me again today that they don’t provide them that they should be provided by the source I was trying to listen to. But then she mentioned the Phonak Roger X as a device i could attache to my remote mic.

The Starkey manual says "When an optional FM transmitter is attached via the Europin connector,
Starkey Hearing Technologies Remote Microphone + can receive audio from an FM system.
In this mode, the user can wear the Remote Mic +or place the Remote Mic + on a nearby stable surface.

The Roger X manual says “Roger X is a miniature universal receiver that is compatible with virtually every hearing aid and cochlear implant speech processor on the market.”

I think I misspoke to say it doesn’t matter at all about brand, but it does seem like it would work.

Thanks I believe your right it will work with my remote mic I am going to look into ordering one.

Should work, but they come in 02 and 03 versions, and you may need an 02.

I think your right I contacted a local audi. that handles both Phonak and Starkey to see about ordering one today. They didn’t know how much they are and I guess they haven’t checked with Phonak to see.

I guess I will need to contact another one tomorrow.

Thanks for all the reply’s

Take a look on eBay if you get a chance. I got mine for $50 I think.

Are you happy with it? What brand of aids are you using it with? I have an appt at the VA at the end of the month for a firmware update I am going to see if they can order one for me if not I will go to ebay and see if I can pick one up there thanks for the tip.

Missed the VA part. If they will get you one that is much better.
Use mine with the Phonak Compilot2, Roger pen and Phonak Naida aids.

Still tuning on this one to improve speech recognition and ambient sounds.

I spoke to a local audi today about buying the Roger X she said Phonak charges $1108.00 and they charge $1400.00 + for it. They can be bought from amazon with a builtin tuner for less than $25.00 only catch is they use a 3.5mm plug instead of the europlug and are a little bit bigger. Gotta love it. I hope the VA will provide one if not I’ll go to ebay.