Phonak Roger Select vs. Phonak TV Connector

Does the Phonak TV Connector offer any advantages over the Roger Select for connecting to TV audio.
I have just purchased a Roger Select ($$$$) and have found it really great for conversations around a table. I’ve used it also to connect to my smart TV and it works pretty well (actually I like the sound over my much, much cheaper TV Ears) but not sure I want to leave it hooked up to the TV. Would there be any advantage for buying the Phonak TV Connector - allowing me to leave it more permanently hooked up to the TV? Any difference in sound between the two?

You get stereo sound with the tv connector - I find this a huge benefit for bringing tv and music to life. Also, you are likely to optimise your Select program for speech, but the tv program might be a more rounded, smoother sound.

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On same Youtube video they sound the same, in terms of understanding (I have very similar programming, almost no bass). Also, not using select means sparing the stress on that micro USB on the select.

I would definitely recommend having both.

Heh I didn’t notice stereo when I tested back to back since I had only one HA :rofl:

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I use the Phonak Com Pilot TV Link with a Com Pilot neck loop. I use it for any audio input from music to TV and Computer output. The audio fidelity is very good and as another mentioned it provides stereo if the input is stereo.

Thanks for your response!

Thanks WestEndBob for your response, I order a TV Connector this a.m.

I have both but I would have to say that neither is an audiophile’s dream. As Blacky has said, there is almost no bass when streaming. What I do if I want to make the music more listenable is to clamp on a pair of closed back headphones on top of the BTE Naida M90 hearing aids. Even though I have good, tight fitting molds on my hearing aids, just enough bass from the headphones gets through and livens up the sound.

Hm, I said that my programming has no bass, on intention. I didn’t do back to back comparisons of tv connector and roger select after I got two HAs, and it’s definitely not to expect a lot of bass from such small speaker, but I believe that they’re just not made to enjoy music if you’re audiophile who can feel small differences in sound, or good mp3 from gramophone.
I can’t nor do I pay attention to that. If I like the song, then I like it and enjoy it, even with some distortions if I even get to notice them.

However if you have lower criteria like I do, I believe you can get a lot out of them. I have :slight_smile:

Oh and I prefer symphonic metal (think old Nightwish), or late baroque (think Vivaldi), as genres or bunch of various songs from all around (think it’s my life, bon jovi). And I never listened them loud, except on concerts (between hearing loss and last concert was several years). And even now, disabled, I am more focused on being happy with what I can hear than to notice what I can’t or is wrong.

I’m shallow, I know :joy: