Phonak Roger Pen and iPhone’s (FaceTime)


I can’t test it out as I’ve got the Easy Pen rather then the Roger Pen that has Bluetooth.

What I would like to know is, does FaceTime work with the Roger Pen Bluetooth or not?

I know music, you have to use the audio cable as the Bluetooth doesn’t work for music.


From Phonak website:
Phonak Audéo B-Direct Bluetooth wireless hearing aids support Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp for phone and video calling. The call will be heard in the same hearing aid as with normal phone calls. However, video or music playing is not supported.


I’m not asking about the hearing aids. I’m asking about the Roger Pen.


After the Roger Pen is paired and connected
with the Bluetooth cell phone (consult
Roger Pen User Guide), it is ready to use for
phone calls.
• Answer a call by pressing the button
on the Roger Pen. Speak into the Roger Pen.
• End a call by pressing the button.
• Make a call by dialing the number on the
cell phone. You will hear the ringing tone and
conversation through your hearing aids.
2. Connect your Roger Pen to a multimedia device
in either of the following ways before switching
on the multimedia device:
a) Connect the docking station to the audio
device and dock the Roger Pen.
b) Connect the Roger Pen using the
micro-USB cable.


I wear Phonak Brio P-UP but that doesn’t matter.

I’ve since found out the Bluetooth does work with FaceTime.

I’ll be buying a used Roger Pen off eBay.